Thursday, September 25, 2014

Well, it's been a while hasn't while hasn't it?


Talk about it being a while now hasn't it?

Well, if you're still checking in, (I ask you, WHY!?) then I will have to apologize for the long absence.  So very very sorry to have been gone for so long.

Last time I was here, I hadn't as of yet, started back to school.  As you can imagine, I'm something of an emotional/stress eater.  Yep.  All the hard work put in gone.  I've gained back all the weight and then some.  I had gotten up to 293/4 (can't recall off the top of my head which) and I've taken some of it off since getting semi-serious about getting back into the groove of things.

When I was doing this before, I had started as a means to get healthy.  Then it became something that I did for a way to seek out exactly why I was wanting and needing to lose the weight.  Was it purely for intrinsic reasons? Or were there extrinsic factors at play?  For that I can't say.  I don't know.  I'm not that good at self-analysis.  However what I will say is this....

I liked how I felt before when I was losing weight and had things under control.

That being said.  How exactly do I get back to where I was?  The Man and I started out doing this together.  He lost a ton of weight and once he had hit his goal, I guess, I lost interest.  Nobody to compete with.  I guess I have to make it interesting for myself or else my ADHD kicks in and I lose interest.  So I guess, I just figured out why I fell off the WW wagon.  Now I just have to climb back on.

The past little over a year or so in review....
  •  I went back to school so that I could no longer be an LPN (low paid nurse) but an RN (real nurse) and be able to have more opportunities open up for me professionally speaking.
    • Which got me to thinking about the weight I lost.
      • How can I in good conscience be an effective medical professional when I'm obviously unhealthy?
        • Get back at it was my answer
  • I finally got a "real job" in my field! Woohoo!  However, shifty things are afoot.  So how long it lasts is anyone's guess.
  • At school I started working in the lab.  I help underclassmen with their assignments, mentoring, tutoring (to an extent) and in some instances, actually end up teaching.  Because yanno, the damn brats don't pay attention to begin with and listen the first time when they are in class, lol.  
  • I was the first responder not once but twice for the barnacle.  Which got me to thinking some more.
    • If I don't get this weight off, will I end up like her? Like my father?  He died at 52 from a heart attack.
      • Yeah, it could very seriously happen
  • I became a vegetarian
    • For the exact reasons stated above.
      • Yes there are days where I still occasionally eat meat.  However I try to limit how often and it's never red meat, usually only chicken.
  • I got a Fitbit to help me in tracking my progress. 
    • I use it to track
      • Steps walked
      • Water drank
      • My daily blood sugar
  • Oh yeah, and I drink a TON more water!  
So those are the things I've done in the last month to get started.  Now I'm back here doing this.  I always believed in order to be successful at losing weight you HAVE to track everything!  I noticed, when I stopped tracking is when I started eating poorly.  When I stopped blogging/journaling and having "someone" to answer to, the same, I started eating poorly.

So here it all is.  The good, the bad and the fat.  I still am not looking to be thin, just healthy and a good role model for those I plan on taking care of.