How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Back in the 80's, I think it was, Cher had a commercial with Bally's Health Club's and that was the tag line for it.  Or something close to it. If your curious, you can go here to see the commercial.

How are you going about losing weight?

Weight Watchers Points Plus

How many points do you get each day?

It varies depending on my current weight but right now it's 36.  As my weight goes down, so does the points I'm allowed each day.

Why Weight Watchers and not some other weight loss plan?

I have researched other plans and WW was the only one that I found to be well rounded and reasonably priced (the online version) that didn't require me to buy *their* products and that I could eat what I liked.  While of course I would have to account for what I  did eat.  Which to be honest was huge for me.  I didn't gain this weight over night.  I knew it wasn't going to take a miracle pill or a magic bullet to take it off over night (although that would be grand wouldn't it?) , I just couldn't see doing a "specialized" diet eating a certain companies packaged meals to lose the weight when in fact I didn't gain the weight by eating those foods.  One of the major things I've learned about weight loss and about myself (and pretty much about anyone who is overweight) throughout this journey who I've talked to....They've gotten to where they are because of the fact that they don't track what they eat and that's the one thing that WW forces you to do.  I see a major difference on the scale when I don't track what I eat.  I can say with mathematical certainty if you do NOT track your food in one fashion or another (whether it's just a plain piece of paper and a pen or it's an app on your IPhone) you WILL fail to lose weight.  Period.  Even if you're doing Jenny Craig.  You have to keep track of what you are putting in your mouth.  Even if someone else has done all the work for you, YOU are still doing the chewing.  At some point or another YOU have to take responsibility for what you eat.

How much weight did you have to lose when you started?

Well I started at 286 and according to various sources I need to lose approximately 156 pounds or so.  That's what the sources say.  However, I'm taking my time and breaking it down into smaller more manageable goals so that the overall numerical value doesn't overwhelm me.  However overall I'm looking to lose 130 or so pounds.

Given that much weight, why not just do bariatric surgery?

To be honest, I looked into it.  I have health issues sure.  However, my health issues, in my opinion aren't life threatening and I don't think that to cut into my body to use surgery as a means to lose weight when I've not addressed the issues that got me overweight in the first place was the right choice for me.  I've seen far to many people who've had lap-band and gastric bypass done and the long term affects were not positive.  They treated a symptom (the obesity) but they didn't treat the disease (the mental issues that got them to the levels of obesity in the first place) and I needed to treat the disease, regardless of how I took off the weight.  I think that's why it's taking so long to get it off.  I think for me, my bigger issues quite frankly are the issues that cause me to eat (sometimes with reckless abandon) in the first place.  I believe once those are addressed and dealt with then I can move forward.  Up to this point quite a few have been and I've made quite a few strides.  Not nearly the ones I'd like or want to, but it's not to say I won't or they won't happen.

I'm motivated, I'm sure they will, it's just a matter of time.

Fingers crossed.

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