Cast of Characters...

The Chubby Butt ~ Me
The Wonder One
~ Hubby
The Barnacle ~ Crazy Old Lady ~ (aka) Mom
The Evil One ~ Personal Trainer
The BFF ~ Cheerleader
The Frenchie ~ Cheerleader who's gone through this too
The Darby One ~ Cheerleader who's gone through this too
The Queenie One ~ Cheerleader/sister-in-law/partner-in-crime
The Mighty Midget ~ Cheerleader ~ Co-Worker
The Giggly One ~ Cheerleader ~ Co-Worker
The Barbie One ~ Gym Assistant Manager
The Barbie "Desk" Clone ~ Desk Girl who wants to be like the Barbie Girl
The Kinda Sorta Twin Sister ~ Cheerleader has similar features as me (red hair, wicked sense of humor) but much smarter ;-)
The Vibrant Brusher ~ My cheerleader/enabler =P (she finds all the yummies!)

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