Monday, October 31, 2011

Funny Monday

This doesn't sound good...
 That's why I always say use common sense and a sound diet plan...No Fad diets!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Review...

As I'm sure all of you've gathered, I'm always on the look out for yummy snacks.  Also I'm on the look out for budget friendly snacks that aren't going to bust the budget.  So when I saw this store brand yummyness in the freezer, I had to give it a try.

And I have to say, I was very impressed!  Not only was it budget friendly, but it was nice and creamy, with a mouth feel that rivals regular brand name confections!  Impressive indeed!  It is sweetened with sugar so those who have a problem with artificial sweeteners will like this a lot better.  Personally it doesn't matter to me.  The body metabolizes them the same either way, for me personally, there are times when I'd rather have the full flavor and no after taste that sometimes the artificial sweeteners can leave behind, yet when I've eaten a bit much for the day, I'll go for the low cal artificial sweetened products to get by.  Depending on whom you talk to (you can find experts for each camp) artificial sweeteners can or they may not cause health problems with prolonged use.  Also if you have an issue with milk, you won't be able to eat this.  Just make sure if you have food allergies cheerleaders, you read your labels carefully!  I don't want any of you sick or not feeling well on my count.

I say, why chance it.  Use it if you must, but if you don't have to, then don't.  I'm not an advocate for either side. lol How's that for being undecided.

As for this product....getting back to the topic at hand, it was excellent.  Do yourself a favor, don't turn your nose up to a store brand/generic label.  Just because it doesn't have the fancy expensive "who's who" label on the box doesn't mean it wasn't actually produced by that fancy schmancy company.  Often times they make products for the stores.

Little bit of known trivia for my cheerleaders.  Wayyyyyyyy back in the day I worked at Wal*Mart (a very long time ago) and the Sam's Choice soda was bottled by I think it was kidding!  The Sam's Choice Thunder (maybe it's lightening...I don't drink it, sorry) Soda is actually Dr. Pepper!  So if you get the Diet version you're actually getting Diet Dr. Pepper at a fraction of the price.  Granted the label says your drinking a generic, but if you're drinking it at home, who's going to know and won't you be the one who's richer for it?

Just thought you might like to have that for your wallet.

Till next time.

Hugs N' Toodles

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Wednesday...

So with all the excitement that started last Wednesday, then got ramped up on Monday, I was a wee bit nervous about stepping on the scale today.

What would it say?  What would I see?  Would I like the numbers that were there?  If they were "bad" numbers, would I take these numbers personally too like I've been taking all the bad news I've been taking lately?  Would I sink even further into the funk that started a while ago or would this be the beginning of what could possibly help bring me out of this funk I've found myself in?

Well my ever faithful cheerleaders, all I can say is that it is with a resounding and a very victorious "YES!" I am happy that this week I am a very happy loser......I mean that with all the positivity in the world.

I suppose you're wondering how much I lost?  Well, I lost 4.5 pounds to put me at 248.5, once again, the lowest weight that I can recall being in more than 20 years. Yes, it does bring a tear to my eyes.  So my total now is 37.5 pounds gone. Please understand, that while losing this weight doesn't seem like much of a feat, for this chubby butt, the most I've ever lost at any one given effort is maybe at most 20 pounds.  Then I would go back to my previous ways of eating and regain it all over again. Possibly a pound or two more.  So this time around it is the longest I've stuck to an eating plan.  Granted there for a while I wasn't losing anything.  Quite possibly it was a plateau. Or maybe not.  But like I said last week, I think maybe I got my mojo back.  I can only hope!  We'll see what happens next week.

I'm still in a daze.  Just doesn't seem real.  It's all rather exciting!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just to let you know...

After this past weekends post, I did make it into the doctor's office this afternoon.  It was with no surprise they had me get on the scale.

What was the surprise was that since last Wednesday, I am down to 249.5! My mouth hung open, a little string of drool started to slide out and the medical assistant came over and knocked into me to tell me to gather myself up.

I jumped off to run out to the front office to tell them what I weighed.  The office manager, the doctors' wife and I all three probably looked like to any stranger walking by who happened to look in the window, three women having seizures, but I can assure you, we were three women doing the happy dance!

All I could do and say to them was that I have not weighed that in probably 10, maybe 15 or more years!

And just think.........this isn't even the official weigh in day!

I wonder what Wednesday will bring?

Funny Monday

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Self Discovery Along The Way...

The past few weeks have really broken me down spiritually.  Since leaving my job and trying to find a new one, it's been tough, then on top of that with not losing my weight like I'm working at trying to.  It's all very...trying.  The one thing that didn't occur to me, until now, that I probably should've addressed, if to no one else but myself, was depression.  I've had it before.  There's no shame in it, that I know.  I just need to face it head on, admit that right now it's an issue and deal with it.

I guess recognizing there was a problem then actually putting a name to how I've been feeling was the hardest part.

Everyone knows that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But did you know it was Depression Awareness Month too?  I didn't.  I just found out.  There are so many other issues out there that people face besides the big ones that need our attention that are just as lethal.  People can die from depression just as easily as a car accident or cancer but yet, you don't hear about it.  It truly is a shame, and a tragedy.

Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything stupid.  lol, I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself.  Besides, I can always console myself with a good cry and using my extra points with my two best friends...Ben & Jerry.  Then come Monday, I'm calling the doctor,  even though I should've done it a few weeks ago, now is probably a good time to get on an antidepressant.  It couldn't hurt. 

Then once I'm back to work or feeling better or whatnot, we'll talk again and see where I am.

But right now, I'm all cried out.  Or maybe not. 

Anyone have some Kleenex?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blasting in my ears right now...

This has been a great week and I've had some new tunes beatin' it around in my head along with some old ones.  We'll start with the old one first...

Now for the new tune (at least to me it is) that's slammin around my head...(I have to say the video is hysterical but it's also not for the faint of heart neither, so if you're easily offended, no not watch it!)
Hope you get your booty movin and have a good laugh (I'm sorry but that video is funny as hell!) and if all else fails, just throw on what you like and bounce it around the house for a good little workout!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Basking in the glow...

I have to admit after yesterday's weigh in, being totally stunned by that weight loss, I got back on the scale today to make sure there wasn't some sort of foul up.

Just to give you an idea of how my weigh ins go, I do weigh in at home, I stopped  weighing in at the doctor's office.  It was rather frustrating not seeing results or not seeing the sort of results I wanted to see and then having to look the office staff in the eye as I was leaving.  It felt like I could see the disappointment in their face.  I don't know that it was a judgement per se, but didn't feel good.  So I stopped weighing in there and went back to weighing in at home.  So weighing in at home, I go downstairs to where the good doctor's scale is (and not the crappy digital scale is upstairs) and strip down to my birthday suit.  Ooops, sorry for the scary mental image there.  Slowly I step on the scale one foot at a time, as if I'm expecting the scale to start screaming out in pain or something.  Then The Wonder One comes over and looks for me to see what it is. Because he can get closer to the dial and get a better looksee at what it says than what I can five fee six inches away.  Besides, he's younger than I am, it's easier for him to get down there to look.  Yeah yeah, it's only two weeks, but still, if he's willing to get down there to look, who am I to stop him? 

The funny part about yesterday was that he was at work when I did my weigh in!  He didn't even get to see it!  So yeah, without him there to confirm that new lower number, I needed to reaffirm that it was in fact 253.  Yep, it was!  Woohoo! lol I wasn't just wishfully seeing things! lol What a relief! 

The Wonder One said last night when he asked how I did on my weigh in that was what I finally needed.  I have to admit, he was right.

Just do me a favor?

Don't tell him I said that.

Something new...

Something yummy and tasty

I eat 2 wedges, which are a total of 1 point with 10 Club Reduced Fat Crackers which are 4 points for a nice snack (2 points/5 crackers).  Laughing Cow has a nice variety of cheeses, I've had the French Onion and the Blue Cheese (Yes it's Blue, and not Bleu I checked to make sure for the Frenchie and other cheese heads out there), while some have a stronger taste, they are smooth and creamy and spread well.  Nothing I hate more than try to spread cheese on a cracker and then have the cracker break all over the place.  As for the strong taste, I personally think it just matters as to what you're in the mood for unless you just over all don't care for strong flavors in general.  The only bad thing that I found with this product was getting into it.  The 8 wedges per package are individually wrapped and the way they are wrapped are a hassle to get into then once opened the point of the wedge gets broken off and drops off (at least that seems to be what always happens to me anyways) and lands on the floor.  So just know that is a flaw in the packaging and be careful when opening.  I did try these without crackers once and found them to not be as satisfying, so I would recommend a cracker of some sort, my personal favorite is the Keebler Club Cracker (I always use the reduced fat one) which has a nice mild flavor to it.  As well, note that if you have a milk allergy you would need to stay away from this product.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Wednesday...

It really is Wednesday Cheerleaders and I have some fan-freakin'-tastic news to share!

I'm a big fat loser this week!  Not just your average run of the mill big fat loser, but jumping up and down, I finally hit my second goal and cruised on past it and am sailing on down now to my next goal!  I'm so happy and excited I can't see straight!  I lost 7 pounds this week to hit 253!  My second goal was 257.4.

Just to refresh your memories because I know it's been a while since I've had monumental news like this to share.  My first goal was to hit 5% of my body weight lost.  My second goal was 10% lost.  Now my third goal is to hit the number 222, the reason I want to hit that specific number is because that was the last number I saw on the scale before I stopped weighing myself when I was pregnant some 25 years ago.  Then I ballooned up to what I am now.  After that number is hit, my fourth number is to break 200.  Reason being is I haven't ever weighed less than 200 as an adult.  Ever.  So here I finally coming to terms with growing up and getting fit.

Bout damn time, eh?

I really want to thank you cheerleaders for all your support, it really means the world to me.    After I break 200 we'll work on figuring out a number then that I can cruise on into having be my permanent goal.   

I think I finally got my mojo back!  YaY!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Wednesday...(yeah I know it's *gasp*Friday...)

This is going to be short and sweet and to the point.

I gained 2 pounds this week.


Not a stellar week.

I really need to get back to the gym.

I really think since I stopped working I stopped......working.  On pretty much everything.  Well, that has to stop.  I had an interview earlier this week with Macy's.  The interviewer said that she's going to give the manager my information and have me come back in for another interview.  We'll see.  I've heard that before.

As well, I've had the phone ring twice in as many days, with interest with regard to applications that I had put in one six months ago, the other about a month ago or so.  Both jobs look promising so we'll see how it goes there as well.  I'm rather excited either way it goes!

Maybe I can be rather hopeful now and not so bummed out.

Come on cheerleaders, cheer me on!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Funny Monday


Now if we could have all of our workouts be so motivating...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Blasting in my ears right now...

What's getting me moving this week is some old and new stuff... with a mix of genre's to boot (no pun intended'll understand in a minute)...

Always a favorite and never far from my heart...



Find your inspiration wherever it may be and run with it.  Take no shame in it.  Let it carry you to seeing your dreams come true.

You'll get there.

We all will, come hell or high water.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hey Cheerleaders!

No I didn't forget where my computer was...

Last week I had family in from out of town and went a bit astray.

Soooo I wasn't a big fat loser this week. 


I didn't gain neither which is nice.

One night in particular I went off the deep end of the diet.....


Let's just say, I ordered my vegetarian Mexican cheese and onion enchilada but by the time it got to the table I was so provoked and frustrated that I ended up getting a nice ice cold one of these...
It was draft, tall and really quite BIG and with the lime......rather tasty.  By the time it was done, I was nice and settled and told I had a nice glow about me.  lol  Hell, by the time I was done, I didn't care any longer why it was that I was pissed off because I was going home and was no longer going to be around the person who put me in the funk I was in.  Dos Equis is a beautiful thing I've come to believe!

Although, I do have to admit cheerleaders, I am in need of your help a bit more now than ever before.

The Wonder One hit his goal weight a few weeks back and I realized that I'm now doing this alone.  I'm not doing this so much with someone like I was when he and I were doing it together.  Kinda changes things a bit.  Kinda bums me out a bit.  That's where you come in.  I need to hear a little bit from ya, let me know you're there.  Breathe heavy if you have to, cough, do something to let me know you're there.

That way I don't feel so alone in this.

Otherwise, it'll get a bit lonesome and frustrating.

We can't have that now can we?

Nahhhhhhh, didn't think so!

Thanks!  I knew you could do it!

Now that everything is back to quasi-normal around here, posting should resume as it was before with posts being what they were.  So just bear with me and you'll get your reviews on Thursdays, Playlists on Fridays, etc.

Oh yeah and by the way....

The Wonder One and I found the coolest thing at Sears...

We're going to go and get a stationary bike!  We're going to put it in the livingroom so that the barnacle can try to swing a leg over it (hey, now, stifle the laughter) and get on and ride it.  We'll all take turns on it upstairs.  It's a nice little machine.  Now that Sears is doing lay-a-way again, we're able to utilize that feature without putting it on our credit card (saving on finance charges and all) and having something to look forward to!  I'm rather chuffed!  I can't wait.  I'm just looking forward to seeing if the barnacle can get on it.  And yes I have to admit I am trying to stifle a laugh....