Saturday, April 21, 2012

Catching up...


How have you been?

Well, I hope!  I wanted to take this time to let you know where I am on my journey and what's been going on with it.

Back at the beginning of April I made mention of having to have some exploratory surgery.  When I went in for the surgery I was under the impression that it was going to be to look at my left kidney to see why it was that I'd been having so much pain.  Well here's the scoop on what ended up happening...

They went into my bladder (you can figure it out, it's the only way to get there) and looked around with a small camera.  They then shot some dye up my ureters to see if there was any blockage. For those of you who are unfamiliar with anatomy, the ureters connect the kidneys to the bladder.  It's how the urine that is created by the kidneys gets to the bladder to later be voided.  Once the surgeon was able to determine that there was no blockage of the ureters he then went to look at the left kidney.  Nothing wrong there.  However while investigating the whole kit and kaboodle, what he did find was this...

The image on top is of a normal healthy bladder.  The image on the bottom is my bladder.  Not quite so normal, not quite so healthy.  Red and irritated is what it is.  Because of this the surgeon took something like 5 biopsies (you heard correctly) could've been 4, I was still under the effects of the drugs they gave me to knock me out so my recollection is a wee bit fuzzy.

Two days after the procedure they called me back to say "Come into the office in 15 days" well in my mind's way of working (it is a bit twisted but if you follow along, I'm sure you'll understand my reasoning) when they called me to come back in for an office visit that was over 2 weeks away, it was A.) reasonable to assume that the biopsies had been ran and 2.) they didn't show anything that was cause for alarm.  Given that two days prior I was told I'd had tissue samples removed for biopsy, that's just not something one expects to hear.  But the fears I'd had for two days were effectively null and void due to the length of time between the surgery and the follow up appointment.

That appointment was set on Thursday.  The Wonder One's grandma had unexpectedly passed away on the following day, Friday.  It was a complete and total shocker.  Something we were totally not expecting at all.  Granted she was 96 and had a long and wonderful life, but still, she was in good health.  Took very few medications and we were just not expecting it.  We were excited (as was she) to see her live to be 100.  The family is heartbroken by it all because she was an amazing woman.

So now here we are (depressed due to the loss of Grandma E) two weeks later after having the surgery and dealing with the bereavement and all I'm up to 257 a gain of 9 pounds, which to be honest, I'm surprised it wasn't more.  Actually I was up to 265 due to a TON of water retention, luckily my kindeys work VERY well! lol

I go to the surgeon's office yesterday morning to find out what the results of the biopsies were.  The Wonder One and I were sitting there, and sitting there AND sitting there....

Until finally the office staff and the surgeon come in to tell us that the biopsy samples had not been sent to the lab to be tested!!  I was taken aback!  I was utterly stunned and shocked.  While I understand that people make mistakes, I just cannot (even now 24 hours later) fathom how it is that this sort of a mistake can happen.  As I explained to my surgeon, when he told me that he took tissue samples to biopsy, his taking the samples in the first place concerned me.  But then my fears were dashed when I didn't have to come back into the office right away.  Figuring if the results were serious/critical that I'd be back in the office immediately.   Yet now after having to wait over two weeks to hear what the results are, I have to wait another 5 days (I'll be hearing something hopefully on Tuesday), all the comfort that I took from the time delay has been stripped from me.  I'm totally gutted and in utter despair.

So I've been doing some seriously nervous eating in earnest.  I don't mean to.  I just can't help myself.  I'm scared beyond words.  So thankfully the surgeon saw reason and prescribed me some Valium for my nerves.  Now if I can just keep the free flowing food out of my mouth for the next four days, I should be good.

Pray for me cheerleaders.  I need you more now than ever before.


  1. I just recently went thru something similar with my doctors and testing. Even after I told them I wanted testing, they figured it wasn't necessary, but two months later they decide to do anyway. WTF! So I definitely know how you're feeling right now. Look on the bright side: At least you got Valium! But in all seriousness Shannon, focus on the positive things in your life right now. Worrying will only make you ill, and that's something you don't want. Peace and Blessings, Charnell

  2. Hi Sweetie, I am so sorry you are going through all of this....I am so glad the doctor is going to let loose on the person who messed up...Since we went to Colville we had so much food I gain 8lbs and haven't stop eating yet..I now weigh You and I will get back on we will do this...and you will feel better on Tuesday...God is with you every step of the prayers and much love...and I am hear...if you need you..Fran

  3. A Cheer for Shannon:

    Rah Rah, hey, hey, Shannon's bladder is A-OK!
    Hey Hey, woo hoo, she's looking mighty thin too!
    High kick, low kick, a wink, a nod...
    You're in my prayers
    Yay God!

  4. I'm so glad you found out today (Monday) that there isn't anything to worry about. Now just try to stop the free flowing food and everything will be OK.