Monday, April 2, 2012

I know I got some 'splainin' to do....

Hi there Cheerleaders!

I realize it’s been far too long in letting you know what’s been going on in my journey.  For that I’m terribly sorry.  As it stands I’ve gained a few pounds, yet, that’s okay.  They’ll eventually go away.  

Let me explain my absence, which I think is what most people are curious about.  Due to some reoccurring pain and infections I’ve had since the beginning of the year, I’m going in for some exploratory surgery on my left kidney to find out why I’m having so much pain.  Then hopefully I’ll stop having so many flippin’ UTI’s.  

As well, I started a new job that’s been keeping me busy and worn out.  Not that the job itself is terribly active, however between this job and the one I already had…I work 12 days straight then I get 2 days off.  I’m pooped by the end of all of it.  So when I get home, one of the last things I think about is the blog.  However, I figure if I work it out far enough in advance, some of my regular features, I should be able to plan ahead enough for you.  Then just plug in my updates on Wednesday and the random rant here and there. 

Also, I’m proud to note that I went to my first Zumba class tonight.  I went with a co-worker who invited me and I have to say….”DAMN!!!” she. Is. Good.  Really good.  I’m sure I was an embarrassment to her.  I couldn’t quite follow along so well (at least I didn’t mow anyone down) and I fairly well kept up with everyone (which impressed the HELL outta me!) but I had to concede defeat after 35 minutes much to my chagrin.  Turns out it was a 40 minute class!  AND at her first class she lasted all of 10 minutes and on the floor in a pile of her own goo having an asthma attack.  So a flaming shoulder of pain after 35 minutes?  I’ll take it.  As well as her gym!! O.M.G.  It puts mine to shame.  So after the surgery tomorrow and it’s all good for me to get back to working out like I want, I’m going to go and see what I can do to get a gym membership there.  She (my friend) was telling me about hers so I at least have some leveraging chips to work with.  I’d much rather be able to walk in there and play hardball and walk away getting a hell of a deal then to not have tried.

Shy kid doesn’t get the cookie right?  Ohhh that was a bad pun wasn’t it?

Well Cheerleaders, that’s all for the time being, as soon as I know more about my left kidney you’ll know more.  I just hope I get some good drugs to come home on! ;-)


  1. Missed glad you are back...You didn't tell me about surgary today..We will you Fran

    1. I didn't want to worry you, it was outpatient and done and over within a few hours. The hardest part was the recovery. I've got a follow up appointment with the surgeon on 4/20 to see what he found out. Until then there really isn't anything more. Love you too doll.