Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Review...

Again today I'm satisfying my sweet tooth.  It goes to chocolate and creaminess.  I am touching on another store brand.  I do apologize that it is a regional store brand and that I don't have access to try more store brands.  As from what I understand it's national brands that generate store brands for the regional stores and put the store labels on them for the stores.  I find that to be an interesting concept.

The one thing about this particular store that we shop at frequently is that they have a line that caters to foodies.  Not that The Wonder One and I consider ourselves foodies by any means.  Nor are we snobs about food or the origins of it like we know some people to be.  That's just not our way.  But when we can we are like anyone else, buying the best we can afford.  In our opinion, in this instance, it just so happens to be, this is the store brand and it happens to be cheaper.  In my opinion, that's a win-win combination!

For those of you who do not know what gelato is, it's basically Italian ice cream.  If it were to be made without milk or soy milk it would be sorbetto, which would be a good alternative for those who have a milk allergy.  In this particular instance, you'll find, this won't be a good choice for you. As a matter of fact if you have any sensitivities to nuts, peanuts, chocolate or milk, I'm afraid this is not a dessert of choice for you.

Putting all that aside, if you don't have those issues to contend with, a 1/2 cup serving is 4 points and it is 4 points of heaven!  The most creamy and delicious treat you have ever had the joy of having.  I wish that all of you had a Giant Eagle near you so that you could try this.  It's with the utmost restraint that only have the one or two servings at a time (yes, I sometimes have a whole cup for 9 points) otherwise I would be in serious trouble!

I go back to that old adage of not judging a book by it's cover.  Seriously, don't write off the store brands because you think they are beneath you just because it's the "generic" version.  You'll surprise yourself to find it's some of the tastiest stuff out there!  Go look in your local freezer for something yummy and let me know what you find!


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  2. Hi Shannon - I've posted twice for the Dec 1st blog in the comments? anyways....just wondering why they weren't approved and showing on your comment page:(. Shalynn Rose

  3. I am SOOOO there!!! The nice thing is the variety that is offered, however I love chocolate so I rarely stray to far from it, lol.

    Sorry for the delay in getting your comment posted. Due to some people who can be rather thoughtless (not you of course) I had to go to the system of moderating comments (approving them) and I had to work today, so that was why it didn't seem like your comment was posting. So sorry to confuse you.

    Thanks so much for the support and cheering me on, it's so much appreciated! Hugs!

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  5. Shannon, I just read BB and am so awed by your generous heart, and spirit, and am so grateful for you helping out someone in need (the mom of the toddler who destroyed all of her makeup.) It's people like you who make the world a better place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many blessings, love, peace and laughter to you. You are an angel in disguise. xo