Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Wednesday...

So as I inferred in yesterday's post, I knew today was going to be bad.  However what I didn't expect was that it wasn't as bad as it ended up being.

I mean that to say, is that what I ended up gaining was only 2 pounds!

YaY!  I'm happy with that.  You may be a bit confused by that but I'll elaborate.  Given that I didn't count my WWPP points on Thanksgiving, nor on our actual "Thanksgiving" (the day we actually celebrated) then over the course of the next few days we grazed on left overs, I wasn't counting points at all....for like *ahem* 4 days to be exact.......*blushes at the realization*.

Well, it does pay to count those puppies I can tell you, lol.  While I never gorged....well......except for the one day when family all got together.  I think we all did that day though. I think had we not brought home any left overs, I would've done much better.  But that's okay.  When this all started, I knew from previous attempts at weight loss and interactions with other people and their attempts at weight loss, I was going to give myself some off time from the plan.  But once that off time was done, I had to get right back on and forgive any gains and move forward.  This time around, truly, knowing that I might possibly gain, I'm good with it, that it was only 2 pounds, I feel like there truly isn't anything to forgive.  It'll be off quicker than you know it and, as Jackie Gleason used to say......"And away we go!"

Thinking on those off times, I only have one more off time (the other 2 being my birthday, this last one being Thanksgiving and the upcoming one being Christmas) which I think is a reasonable thing to do.  I say that because of my mother-in-law.  She was doing this one plan, I struggle to remember it now, I remember it was through her church and she met with quite a bit of success and kept it off for a very long time.  The only problem in it was that she drove her family crazy, in that she would say she couldn't eat this or that or another thing because it wasn't on her diet.  Which is fine, but because she did the cooking, the rest of the family didn't get to eat either.  I seem to recall, my youngest brother-in-law doing a lot of McDonald's runs, lol.  Thankfully he's none the worse for the wear, he's like his older brother The Wonder One in that he's an athlete so the fast food didn't hurt him.  The Wonder One was working his first job at the time in a restaurant so he was able to eat at work, so no hardships there either.  However the problem came during the holidays because it was particularly tough because she would then become defensive and well, you could probably see where it went from there if you use your imagination.  I don't begrudge the woman her successes at all, the only thing I would recommend was that she would have allowed for a day or two of off time for special occasions so that she can have some built in forgiveness if it were to be that she "slipped up" as it happens that we all will do.  Otherwise you end up dealing with the guilt that comes with overeating and the vicious circle afterwards of self hatred and then you end up spiraling out of control.  We are after all only human.  When we have our weaknesses be they what they may (mine vary, but usually they are sweets) and you indulge them, you have to forgive them and move forward.  Otherwise you end up undoing all the hard work you've put in.  All too often people try to put off that they can ignore their baser instincts and not do whatever it is that is within them to do. However, in the end, they break down and do it anyway saying "Well, only this one time..." Trust me, I know, I've done it so many times.  That's why when I started this time around I thought long and hard about it and realized that I needed to have these times built in for myself so that I could indulge.  It's the getting back in the groove that's the hard part.  But I have The Wonder One to kick me in the pants and he's good for doing it and keeping me on track.  I firmly believe that knowing that I will be getting back on track, while not counting points but still knowing there is a deadline to my indulgence helped keep me from going overboard, but yet still having a good time..........I just realized, I'm going to have to allow for a fourth off time.  lol I forgot about my anniversary as we started the plan after our anniversary but before our birthdays and the holidays! lol Oh my.  But it's all good.  So long as I plan ahead and mentally prepare myself.  I'll be okay.

So..........until Christmas..........I'm back in the groove.