Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The dreaded upcoming weigh in...

So, last Thursday was Thanksgiving here in the United States, as is the custom here in the states, most people will find that they go off their diets and do "it" big or go home.

While The Barnacle and The Wonder One and I went out to eat on Thanksgiving because it was just the three of us (my family is scattered and his family was eating on Friday) we figured we'd go to an "All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet"....the only one to put that to the test was The Barnacle.  I'm truly kicking myself for it now for not taking pics of her plate because I know you as my loyal cheering section probably won't believe me when I say her plate was loaded doooowwwwnnnnn with the thickness of food!  Seriously.  On her plate was more food than what The Wonder One and I had COMBINED!!!  Then when it came time for dessert....I was embarrassed for her.  Not to mention disgusted.  You would think that she was never let out of the house and was never fed, but then you would have to know better just because of the sheer size of her.  (She weighs as much as I do ~ if not more, but where I'm 5'6"...she's 4'11"...so she's a BIG momma!)

The Wonder One and I knowing that we were getting together with family the following day, held our appetite in check and behaved ourselves (for the most part) until it came time to go to the "Chocolate Wonderfall" (yes we went to the Golden Corral, while not a bad place, on a holiday, I was doing a lot of channeling of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory "What fresh hell have we gotten ourselves into".....All I can say is listen people, only you think your kids' squealing and dancing is cute, to those of us with bleeding eardrums and only slightly fractured shins, we do not. /end rant.)  Back at the Chocolate Wonderfall.....it was soooo nice to have fresh pineapple smothered in chocolate.  Ditto for the Rice Krispy treats and the strawberries and the macaroons.  I mostly had pineapple though.  I didn't have a lot of food, I wasn't all that hungry, a piece of chicken and a piece of meatloaf with some sweet potatoes and green bean stuff not a lot.

Great thing is that I discovered that I can't eat like I used to.  YaY!  I just can't load up my plate, it really just makes me queasy.  Not only that, the after effects are a gastrointestinal NIGHTMARE.  I was in the loo literally all night long.  I didn't get two hours strung together of sleep.  It was so not pretty.  Thankfully it stopped long enough for me to get the turkey in the oven which from what I'm told ended up being very good.  Where The Wonder One and I did our damage is when the family and all of us got together.  We were a glutton.  We ate like pigs.  Full on.  For two days. 

I am soooooo not looking forward to tomorrow.

The only thing I can hope for is that my gastrointestinal nightmare balances out all the Thanksgiving grazing that we did......

I hope!


  1. Wow I am hungry and revolted all at the same time- you had me on a GI roller coaster ride! Best of luck with your weigh in! XOXO

  2. lol Sorry I guess I should've put a warning at the beginning...I'll do that next time.

    The weigh in was a surprise, thankfully.

    To find out, see today's post ;-)

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