Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Wednesday...

Well it's the dreaded weigh in day...

I think things are finally getting back to normal because I was a big fat LOSERRRRRR! lol

Given that over the past 7 weeks or so my weight has gone up and down more than a roller coaster it's nice to breathe a sigh of relief when the numbers are going down.  Now let's just hope that they'll be going down again next week! lol

However, I have good reason to refocus, The Wonder One and I have encouraged/inspired Queenie and The Wonder One's brother (Queenie and his brother are married for those keeping score) with The Wonder One's success (and mine too, marginal though they are) and so they are going on Weight Watchers as well.

So let the competition (unspoken though it is) begin! lol Which to be honest is going to help me tremendously, with The Wonder One having met his goal, I don't have anyone to compete with on a weekly basis, so it gets kinda lonesome when I weigh in, so it'll be nice to have that friendly rivalry with Queenie.

We'll have to have some sort of friendly stakes set up.  She's not needing to lose much and I have a lot more to go, especially since I had my set back there for *gasps* oh my nearly two months!  Yes, yes indeed I'm glad for the company!

Welcome aboard Queenie, enjoy the ride!


  1. the only one I am ever competing with is my former self. Or my yesterday self. Or my previous hour. That way I don't set myself up for any self flagellation. Just what has worked for me. Peace.

    1. I've tried to compete with myself, all I've found that that does is lead me in circles instead of going down a straight path to the finish line tragically. At least I know this about myself and it's made me a stronger person. I'm happy for you that you've learned what has worked for you, just as I've learned what's worked for me.

      I guess that's what this whole journey is about, finding out what does and doesn't work and then going from there.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Young lady lol.....I am having trouble understanding all of the online ww ....I am off tomorrow so I am going to take my time and go over every thing ....Queenie

    1. Listen Queenie, do not let it overwhelm you, now or in the future. I'm glad you called The Wonder One and I'm THRILLED beyond belief that you've figured out a backdoor (you stinker!) to make it work out for the two of you. If you need help figuring out the points on working out, let me know, I'll help. That's what this journey is about, getting through it together.

  3. Thanks my sweetie, we will do this you..Fran