Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Progress Pic

So I wanted to see how I was progressing along.  Like many women who are big when the camera comes out we go into hiding.  There is the random odd shot of us trying to make ourselves as small as humanly possible, but not to many of us showing ourselves in all our big butted glory.

Well I'm going to change that.  Should've changed that a long time ago.  I didn't.  Can't change that now, not going to kick myself for it, just going to go forward for it.

So let me show you what I look like right now at 242 (roughly, got on the scale the other day and the scale said I was 240 but it's unofficial so we're sticking with the last official weigh in numbers, lol).  Now the jeans I'm wearing are old and were at one time skin tight on me and they currently fit me fine (little loose in the caboose, but I'll take it! better to fit like mom jeans now and get me through...) and the top is a wee bit big, given how bottom heavy I am....I can live with that.

This is what I call a transition outfit.  An outfit that I feel comfortable in to go out in public in.  Something that the top has enough interest (with the neckline) that I don't need anything else in the way of accessories and I don't feel self conscience about how I look because the clothes aren't that big just yet (give it a few more pounds and I will be).

Hope this helps.

242 pounds