Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's Wednesday...

So here we are in the new year.  I'm sure all of us has made some resolutions and some of you have already broken them.  Some I know don't even make them to begin with due to the fact that they've had such a terrible time in the past to keep them.

For me, that's where I fit in, I don't usually make them because I have such a difficult time keeping them.  This year I thought I'd try a different approach.  My resolution this year was to learn how to swim.  Yep, you read it correctly, learn. To. Swim.

I'm sure you're wondering how it came to be that I've reached the age I am and don't know how to swim.  Well, you see, when I was five years old, I nearly drowned.  I'm not fearful of water, as a matter of fact I find it very calming.  However the two that contributed to my DNA felt that after that experience, I probably shouldn't learn to swim because I'll probably be to afraid of it.  The only time I'm afraid of the water is when I went with The Wonder One last summer up to Alum Creek State Park and got into the water and then my feet went out from under me.  I completely panicked and totally spazzed out.  I think however it was just panic mode that caused me to freak out the way I did.  Normally I'm just not one to panic.  That time however was different.

So here I am now wanting to make sure that, that never happens again.  As well I figured it would be good exercise which I need more of, as well as to help me get over my fear of going on a cruise.  No, I'm not ever planning on taking a cruise.  Personally, being locked onto a moving city with no place to go (in between ports of course) and not being able to see land (that's what I've determined to be my biggest fear, is not seeing land) is not my idea of a good time.  Nothing against those of you who do love to go on cruise's, it's just not for me.  I know, I know, how do I know it's not for me if I've never been on one.  Well let's just say it goes back to that thing about wanting to be able to see land.  However if it should come to pass that I want to learn shuffleboard and play bingo with the blue hairs, then in 20-40 years, I may consider it.  Until then, I'll just learn to swim and be happy with that.

So the swimming it is.  For the experience of learning something new.  To help expand my exercise routine and to not freak out should I lose my footing in the water. 

It's something I need to do because this week I was not a loser but a little bit of a gainer.  Which is okay, I think the holidays finally caught up to me to put me at 255.  I can live with that because we're in a new year and things are going to go smoothly.

I hope.

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  1. I'm not only going to renew last year's resolution to run a race every month, but expand it by resolving to volunteer for more races than just the columbus marathon.

    I'll help you as much as I can with the swimming. Even though I did 4 triathlons last year, sometimes I feel I barely know how to swim; I don't know how well I'd do at teaching. I think the swimming will help with your weight loss, I know it helped me.