Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Wednesday...

So today was filled with emotion as I walked my naked butt down to the scale and The Wonder One followed behind to squat down to verify (because let's face it, I can't see that far away, the little slashes all start blending together) what the scale was actually saying.

The first reading was what it was but then when I stepped off the scale slipped out of calibration which it sometimes does so I turned the little knob to put it back to zero.  Got back on.  I wasn't going to be hopping on and off this damn thing all day.  While I admit it was going to be good exercise for my body, it wasn't going to be for my nerves...

So The Wonder One squat back down and squinted (I swear I'm getting that man into a pair of glasses if it KILLS him!....note, NOT me!)  and he turned to look up at me and smiled.

242!!!  "Isn't that your lowest yet?" He asked

He got his answer as I happy danced naked off the scale and into the dressing area....

So here are a few things that I discovered and/or figured out...

  1. I'm back on track
  2. I'm 3 pounds away from new numbers
  3. I'm only 20 pounds away from my next goal!
  4. I moved my BMI down a more than half of a percentage point! whOOt!
  5. Instead of being nearly TEN percentage points into obese I'm now NINE, lol (gotta grab 'em where I can!)
  6. I'm ever closer to my Kindle!!! (I promised myself that I would reward my efforts with a Kindle when I broke 200 with a Kindle, lol, not going to give into the urge to get one beforehand!)
  7. All this is giving me my passion back to really get moving on this again and THAT. Is the most important thing.


  1. Congrats! WooHoo for You! This is awesome & hope you celebrate! W/ or w/o a margarita! LOL. *Hugs*


  3. Awesome....way to go....Fran