Sunday, March 4, 2012

Something I discovered today along the way...

The Wonder One and I went walking today and I got 25 minutes logged.  YaY me!

The one amazing thing that I learned during my walk, well, make that two things I learned....

A. I learned that when having killer cramps, a good walk will help with the pain better than any pain killers I've tried (besides Vicodin of course!  Because let's face it, Vicodin is my friend....).  I mean seriously, I have cramps that would stop an elephant and leave him whimpering for his mommy in a pool of his own piss and vomit.  They are THAT bad.  I talked to the OB about a variety of different options, he felt they weren't right for me and felt the only right one is the pill he put me on.  Yet it does nothing for my cramps, which are still killing me.  Grrrrr.

Oh yeah, the other thing I learned during my walk today...

2.  I love walking at the mall.  The one where I go walking at is pretty easy.  You walk hugging the wall and do a lap on each level (there are two of them) and you've just completed a mile.  The thing that will motivate me to walk?  Looking at the gorgeous clothes as I pass by!  Apparently the show Mad Men on AMC is a raging success.  So much so that this spring is going to see an influx of design in fashion and beauty.  Estee Lauder has a couple of items inspired by the show as well as Banana Republic has this one dress....oh this one dress....but anyways, it is enough to get me to the mall to walk my butt off. 

If for no other reason than to have no more back breaking cramps and to see that dress.....funny odd note...when I went to find the dress for you all to drool over it as much as I did, lo and behold, it's not there!  You read that right, it's not on their website.  I scoured that site left, right and center to find that dress figuring if they are having it in the print campaign they very well can't be having just the men's clothing for sale and not the ladie's dress?  Right?  I dunno Cheerleaders.  Go take a look here and look for the man and woman and the dress I was drooling after was the cream colored boat necked dress with the sage green sash.  Don't wrinkle your nose just yet.  Wait till you see it!  It's gorgeous!

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  1. The only things about walking at the mall are that it enables your "shiny ball syndrome" and it gives you ideas of new things to spend your money on. I guess I can deal with both if it gets you out the door.