Thursday, May 3, 2012

Remember when...

I first started and you all started coming here?

It's been a year now!

Can you believe it?

What I wanted to do was put together a box, a thank you box to give the winner to say thank you over the past year to express to you my gratitude for supporting me in my efforts.  What is going to be in it are items that I've reviewed over the past year and The Wonder One has included a few little things too to show his appreciation of all of your support.  Just so you know, when it came time to select the winner, his name was removed from those who are listed as followers on the blog so that it would be fair, then I went to Random.Org and had it help me select a Cheerleader (to be fair) because, well, to be honest...I couldn't trust Connor to pick someone (he's got four paws) and I could only afford one winner.

So within the next week or so, I will be sending out a box to a very lovely Cheerleader who herself is on a journey of her own.  I so can't wait to hear of her successes!

The ever lovely and charming.....


I so love this pic of her! lol

Truly my only regret is that I can't send a thank you box to all of you, but I am happy that I can send the one to Nicole!

Nicole....heads up girlie!

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