Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So this is what I find...

Over on The Wonder One's Facebook Wall...
Problem: during weekly weigh-ins, it was hard to see exactly where the arrow on the scale was pointing. Solution: I taped a magnifying glass to an old broom handle. Now I can read the numbers just fine. Only thing is, Shannon is worried about the glass and handle adding weight. I don't think it really makes any difference.
Now seriously've been following me long enough to know me...

Wouldn't you be worried?

Especially if you're holding this?

Now granted, he just HAD to put the doodad on the scale to see how much the contraption weighed.  Next to nothing.  But STILL, it DID weigh....something...

Next question...

Does it work?


It works.

He's still going to hold the damned thing!  I'll be damned if I will!!!  Hey! If I'm going to the trouble of getting bare ass naked to weigh in...then he can hold the bloody thing!

Weigh in Cheerleaders (okay, poor choice of words there) tell me what your thoughts are.

Should I hold it, or should he?


  1. Lol..that is so funny, but I think the same way...Randy hold it....gotta get Kenny make me man your Randy....Fran

  2. Hey, he came up with it, he can use it! haha, smart idea though! I wonder if there is a big enough magnify glass to put over the numbers portion of the scale, and have it taped down(...?)

  3. If you zero out the scale when the magnifying glass is on it, the its weight is compensated for