Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So It's Wednesday...

Hi Cheerleaders!

This week has gone by so fast!  Work has kept me busy and I've been trying to work on the house here and there doing some purging.  Trying to get rid of some stuff that I either don't need or it's just been hanging around for who knows what reason.

What it translates into is movement.  Not just for me, but on the scale too!

Again this week I was a big fat loser!

I lost 1 pound!  Granted it's not a huge glorious number.  However, as long as those numbers are going down, I can live with whatever the size.  Be it going down.

Given human nature, yes, I'd like it to be quicker (lol, who wouldn't?) but, to be safe and to keep it off, I'll take slow.  After all, I do not want to have to ever revisit this!

Soooo my faithful Cheerleaders, how was your week?  Those of you on similar journeys?  How'd you do?  What challenges did you face and overcome?  If you didn't overcome them, maybe we can work on it together.

Comment below and share, let's work on this together.

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