Thursday, October 20, 2011

Basking in the glow...

I have to admit after yesterday's weigh in, being totally stunned by that weight loss, I got back on the scale today to make sure there wasn't some sort of foul up.

Just to give you an idea of how my weigh ins go, I do weigh in at home, I stopped  weighing in at the doctor's office.  It was rather frustrating not seeing results or not seeing the sort of results I wanted to see and then having to look the office staff in the eye as I was leaving.  It felt like I could see the disappointment in their face.  I don't know that it was a judgement per se, but didn't feel good.  So I stopped weighing in there and went back to weighing in at home.  So weighing in at home, I go downstairs to where the good doctor's scale is (and not the crappy digital scale is upstairs) and strip down to my birthday suit.  Ooops, sorry for the scary mental image there.  Slowly I step on the scale one foot at a time, as if I'm expecting the scale to start screaming out in pain or something.  Then The Wonder One comes over and looks for me to see what it is. Because he can get closer to the dial and get a better looksee at what it says than what I can five fee six inches away.  Besides, he's younger than I am, it's easier for him to get down there to look.  Yeah yeah, it's only two weeks, but still, if he's willing to get down there to look, who am I to stop him? 

The funny part about yesterday was that he was at work when I did my weigh in!  He didn't even get to see it!  So yeah, without him there to confirm that new lower number, I needed to reaffirm that it was in fact 253.  Yep, it was!  Woohoo! lol I wasn't just wishfully seeing things! lol What a relief! 

The Wonder One said last night when he asked how I did on my weigh in that was what I finally needed.  I have to admit, he was right.

Just do me a favor?

Don't tell him I said that.

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  1. It's about time that you admitted I was right about something.