Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Review...

As I'm sure all of you've gathered, I'm always on the look out for yummy snacks.  Also I'm on the look out for budget friendly snacks that aren't going to bust the budget.  So when I saw this store brand yummyness in the freezer, I had to give it a try.

And I have to say, I was very impressed!  Not only was it budget friendly, but it was nice and creamy, with a mouth feel that rivals regular brand name confections!  Impressive indeed!  It is sweetened with sugar so those who have a problem with artificial sweeteners will like this a lot better.  Personally it doesn't matter to me.  The body metabolizes them the same either way, for me personally, there are times when I'd rather have the full flavor and no after taste that sometimes the artificial sweeteners can leave behind, yet when I've eaten a bit much for the day, I'll go for the low cal artificial sweetened products to get by.  Depending on whom you talk to (you can find experts for each camp) artificial sweeteners can or they may not cause health problems with prolonged use.  Also if you have an issue with milk, you won't be able to eat this.  Just make sure if you have food allergies cheerleaders, you read your labels carefully!  I don't want any of you sick or not feeling well on my count.

I say, why chance it.  Use it if you must, but if you don't have to, then don't.  I'm not an advocate for either side. lol How's that for being undecided.

As for this product....getting back to the topic at hand, it was excellent.  Do yourself a favor, don't turn your nose up to a store brand/generic label.  Just because it doesn't have the fancy expensive "who's who" label on the box doesn't mean it wasn't actually produced by that fancy schmancy company.  Often times they make products for the stores.

Little bit of known trivia for my cheerleaders.  Wayyyyyyyy back in the day I worked at Wal*Mart (a very long time ago) and the Sam's Choice soda was bottled by I think it was kidding!  The Sam's Choice Thunder (maybe it's lightening...I don't drink it, sorry) Soda is actually Dr. Pepper!  So if you get the Diet version you're actually getting Diet Dr. Pepper at a fraction of the price.  Granted the label says your drinking a generic, but if you're drinking it at home, who's going to know and won't you be the one who's richer for it?

Just thought you might like to have that for your wallet.

Till next time.

Hugs N' Toodles

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