Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Wednesday...

So with all the excitement that started last Wednesday, then got ramped up on Monday, I was a wee bit nervous about stepping on the scale today.

What would it say?  What would I see?  Would I like the numbers that were there?  If they were "bad" numbers, would I take these numbers personally too like I've been taking all the bad news I've been taking lately?  Would I sink even further into the funk that started a while ago or would this be the beginning of what could possibly help bring me out of this funk I've found myself in?

Well my ever faithful cheerleaders, all I can say is that it is with a resounding and a very victorious "YES!" I am happy that this week I am a very happy loser......I mean that with all the positivity in the world.

I suppose you're wondering how much I lost?  Well, I lost 4.5 pounds to put me at 248.5, once again, the lowest weight that I can recall being in more than 20 years. Yes, it does bring a tear to my eyes.  So my total now is 37.5 pounds gone. Please understand, that while losing this weight doesn't seem like much of a feat, for this chubby butt, the most I've ever lost at any one given effort is maybe at most 20 pounds.  Then I would go back to my previous ways of eating and regain it all over again. Possibly a pound or two more.  So this time around it is the longest I've stuck to an eating plan.  Granted there for a while I wasn't losing anything.  Quite possibly it was a plateau. Or maybe not.  But like I said last week, I think maybe I got my mojo back.  I can only hope!  We'll see what happens next week.

I'm still in a daze.  Just doesn't seem real.  It's all rather exciting!


  1. Woop woop! Go Shannon!! I don't always comment but I've loved reading through this journey!!

  2. I know you don't Paige, however along with everyone else I know you're there supporting me and I do so appreciate it.

    lol This you'll get a kick out of...The Wonder One reads every time I put up a new post and he'll post a comment or two here and there, but it's not without a lot of aggravation and frustration (and a swear word or two), so after the last attempt to post a comment, he's sworn off commenting.

    I wonder if we couldn't all coax him back out here into comment land?


  3. I just read that comment, ironically, after I finally successfully posted a comment. Just stick with it, even through the plateaus. This time the weight loss should stick because it's not a diet, and you're not doing it alone. I never would have lost my 50 pounds without your help and support, and I won't leave you alone. Besides, even though I hit my goal weight, I'm not done yet. I have to maintain this weight without going back up, and I believe we can do it because WE are doing this together.

  4. And this is why I love you. Thank you for sticking by me through the fad diets and through the ones that worked, even for a short while.

    It's nice to hear you say that we're doing this together.

    Oh yeah, the next time I mention Chipotle to celebrate, remind me of how I felt afterwards. Please? I'm still miserable, uhg........