Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something new...

Something yummy and tasty

I eat 2 wedges, which are a total of 1 point with 10 Club Reduced Fat Crackers which are 4 points for a nice snack (2 points/5 crackers).  Laughing Cow has a nice variety of cheeses, I've had the French Onion and the Blue Cheese (Yes it's Blue, and not Bleu I checked to make sure for the Frenchie and other cheese heads out there), while some have a stronger taste, they are smooth and creamy and spread well.  Nothing I hate more than try to spread cheese on a cracker and then have the cracker break all over the place.  As for the strong taste, I personally think it just matters as to what you're in the mood for unless you just over all don't care for strong flavors in general.  The only bad thing that I found with this product was getting into it.  The 8 wedges per package are individually wrapped and the way they are wrapped are a hassle to get into then once opened the point of the wedge gets broken off and drops off (at least that seems to be what always happens to me anyways) and lands on the floor.  So just know that is a flaw in the packaging and be careful when opening.  I did try these without crackers once and found them to not be as satisfying, so I would recommend a cracker of some sort, my personal favorite is the Keebler Club Cracker (I always use the reduced fat one) which has a nice mild flavor to it.  As well, note that if you have a milk allergy you would need to stay away from this product.

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