Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's a little tip from your old pal...

When having to have a fasting lab draw...

Make sure that you actually REMEMBER that you're going to be getting it done one and two, don't try to wait too late in the day to compensate for the time (meaning if the last time you ate was around 11pm...remember that fudge?) and you're trying to hold off eating because of the fasting lab draw (fasting labs need to be done after a fasting of 10 - 12 hours of no eating) .... just reschedule.

Yeah, dumbass me, forgot last night that I was having the labs done today so I had my fudge last night.  While wonderful and delicious then, I'm paying for it now, lol.  So I've conceded defeat for this day, I've not given up the battle.  I'll just start my fast again tonight and make sure to not eat after 8pm.

Now to make sure that The Wonder One doesn't tempt me! lol

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