Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lesson's learned this week...

  • The hardest thing to do was getting my shoes on to work out.
  •  Now that my shoes are on,  I just need to move onto the treadmill or to a dvd workout video.
  •  If you're gonna hop up on a treadmill you've not used in a while, you'd best dust it off before you do a George Jetson off the back of it!  We won't go into the ugliness of that one...
  • Making the adjustment to vegetarianism isn't as difficult as I thought it would be.
    • If you haven't watched Vegucated yet, take the time some time this weekend to stream it from Amazon Prime or Netflicks, I'm telling ya, it's worth the watch!
  • Trying to get The Wonder One to understand where I'm coming from on the aforementioned topic is much more difficult....*sigh*
  • It feels good to be back to monitoring what I'm eating and doing.  I don't feel so wayward and lost. I'm feeling good about having direction again.
  • Before the end of the year I bought a calendar/diary to track my blood sugar and other things I wanted to keep track of.  I'm finding it so very helpful.  I'm so glad I did it.  It's just a matter of not letting that New Year's Glow wear off, lol.
  • Normally (or should I say it used to be?) I didn't care for any other soups other than tomato or cream based soups.  Well the cream based soups are WAY higher in calories it would stand to reason due to the cream, right? Right.  Soooo, I saw at the store this week that Progresso had their soups on sale so I thought I would give a few vegetable (non-cream based) soups that sounded yummy a try.  I have to can so far that I've tried had 4 points and was quite good.  So you can expect a review on that product in the future.  Given that it's winter, soup is a nice way to stay warm and fill up.  This particular line is a nice way to do it and watch your points easily enough.
  • We go to a store called Giant Eagle (much like Kroger or HEB or any other chain grocer) and like any chain grocer can have it's pricey items and it's discounted items.  In our neighborhood we also have an ALDI's which is a growing discount grocer.  Much of what they carry is off brand (which when we go to GE, we buy the store brand anyway) or no brand at a much (what we've been brain washed to believe anyway) discounted price.  We bounce back and forth between the stores because it's to our advantage to do so because ALDI's produce is WAY cheaper than anyone else's (before I forget, ALDI is a baby company of Trader Joe's.)  Anyway, moving on, produce is cheaper at ALDI than at GE as are a few other items yet I've been taking note that not all items are cheaper.  Now this is not to say that ALDI is more expensive, it's not.  I've just noticed that ALDI is priced the same as the other stores I go to.  Which was a HUGE eye opener to me.  So, keep your eyes peeled cheerleaders, if you're needing to stay on budget and only shop at one store, it may be wise to bounce a little bit.  I'm lucky in that the stores I shop are literally blocks from my house, so I'm not wasting gas running around looking for the best deal.  I find a good balance of what I need between the two stores.

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