Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So it’s Wednesday

As can be expected, I’ve not gained….nor lost any weight in a day.


Lol, however, I will say that The Wonder One and I last night finished off the last of his decadent fudge.  There wasn’t much after having filled five tins to be sent to the far reaches of where they need to go and he looks at me and says “You know, we should just go ahead and eat it all tonight, that way it’s done.”  Of course I let him twist my arm into it (ouch ouch ouch)  and we did as we watched Hugh Jackman in Wolverine *sighhhhhh* .  It was definitely a guilty pleasure to be enjoyed.  Which I did, knowing it would be a lonnngggg time before I’d be doing it again, which I can live with.

Today, I’m going to the lab to have blood drawn because next week I go back to the doctor for a follow up regarding my diabetes.

When this all started what I wanted was to get healthy.  If I lost weight and got slimmer in the process, well then, yay me!  But back then when I weighed in at my most (286 lbs) I was having to inject 80 units of insulin a day as well as take a plethora of oral medications.  Well, after having lost the weight I have, even with putting some of it back on, I’m down to 26 units of insulin a day! YAY me!  Being a type  II diabetic means a few things for me.  Getting the weight off means that I can possibly get off the medications, but I have to get the weight off first.  It’s a daily struggle, that being said, I have bad weeks.  There are times when I don’t take my meds at all. I’m working on that along with my weight.  It’s all a process.  

I will have considered myself successful if I can get to a manageable weight (note I said manageable?) that I can maintain for the rest of my life and be drug free from all of my diabetes medication at the same time.  

This is truly about getting healthy, whether I like it or not.


  1. I am glad that you are doing mean to much to me to lose you....I know I have to do the same thing....without insurance I have to stay you sweetie...Fran

    1. Make use of that treadmill girl, even if it's only for a minute in the beginning. If you do nothing else. Then increase as you go. It'll get easier. Promise!

  2. Yes I will...thanks sweetie...I am so glad you are back...Fran

  3. What Shannon says worked for me; when I started back to running in 2010, I just ran 2 minutes at a time because that's all I could comfortably do, but I did it 4 days a week; then I increased it the next week. After a year, I was confident enough to try a marathon.

  4. But you don't have to run. Just walk. Any sort of movement. Period. Start out small. The Wonder One runs, that's his thing. He's not suggesting you do a marathon or train for one, but just moving will make huge improvements. You'll see ;-)