Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Now What?

I see on social media a lot of people who’ve taken to task the same chore…*ahem*…the same goal as I have.  To get healthy, I choose to say healthy because if I happen to lose weight in the process then HEY! All the better right?  After all, in order to remain healthy (and trimmer) in  the end, it’s a matter of making life changing habits that stick.  I think that’s why I didn’t gain all that much weight back (thank GOD!) considering it’s the holidays and The Wonder One has made his world famous fudge now on three separate occasions and well Aunt Flow has come to town.  Like I said previously, who’s to say how much of that 15 pounds is actual weight from being off plan for six months?

However, where do I go from here?

Before, when I was on my journey, I was on Weight Watchers, and I plan on staying on Weight Watchers.  I’ll tell you why.  Because, it DOES work.  Look at The Wonder One, he lost how much weight?  I’ve a lot more to lose then he did, he’s a man with more muscle mass and he was cross training in three sports.  So it only stands to reason, he hit his goal in no time flat.  If it were to be that I had the cardiovascular aptitude that he did to start with, rather than start at ground zero (which sadly, I am) then, I believe I would’ve had a better time of it early on.  Admittedly, I get frustrated easily.  So, I guess that’s where I need to just kick myself in the pants and suck it up.  

What I tell others, I need to listen to myself, no?  If I can be so forthright with my friends, I need to be so with myself.  I serve no purpose to no one if I can’t be so blunt and honest with myself.  So there ya have it folks, I just need to suck it the hell up. *sigh*

I will say that I am going to be following a more vegetarian way of eating.  My goal?  By the end of 2013, I’d like to be vegan.  I watched a documentary this weekend past while sick in bed called Vegucated.  If you’ve not seen it, I highly recommend it.  Although, use discretion, it’s not for the squeamish.

Just like before, I’ve not set limits or that anything to be taboo.  To do that is only setting yourself up for failure in my personal opinion.  Once you do that, those taboo items become a singular focus with laser precision and that’s all you can think about.  Instead they become the occasional goodie.  For example…The Wonder One makes incredible the most fudge, I don’t eat it all that often.  But when I do, I don’t feel guilty for it because of the fact that he doesn’t make it often and it’s a special treat when he does.  I will say however, this year he made more than he usually does so we had more than we usually do.  As always, it’s just about using your head and making smart decisions about what goes into your mouth.

Keeping track of what you eat is paramount.  When you stop doing that, that’s when you fall off track.  That’s how it came to be that I’ve been gone so long.  I stopped longing in to Weight Watchers and stopped keeping track of my points.  If you’re in the business of losing weight, you have to have to HAVE TO….I cannot stress this enough…you HAVE TO keep track of what you eat.  It’s like this…you didn’t keep track of what you put into your mouth and look where it got you?  If you don’t keep track of what you put into your mouth, how do you expect to get it off?
I’m just sayin’…

So that’s where I’m going from here.

Where are YOU going? How do you plan on getting there?  What are your goals and how do you plan on achieving them?


  1. Glad to see you back at the blogging. You're right about the necessity of tracking what you eat; that's probably why my average monthly weight has crept up about 5 pounds. I made a resolution to get back to tracking so I could get back under my goal weight and stay there.

    1. Yeah but to only be up 5 pounds for having lost how much? For how long? That's still wonderful and I'm might proud of you and all that you've accomplished.

      Thanks for realizing what it takes and the effort it requires and understanding I'm not crazy.

      I love you for your patience.