Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Review

Today I wanted to give you a glimpse into what I consider a life saver for me. 

I get bored quite easily and search almost daily for ways to entertain myself and my taste buds.  This handy dandy contraption has been my go to and my life saver!

All I can say is what won’t it do?

The one thing I find that I do with it the most is make smoothies.  I buy an abundance of frozen fruit (being that it's the dead of winter, I miss my summer fruits, buying it frozen is the next best thing and it's just as good for you) and use it along with a cup of skim milk (the cup of skim milk is 2 points, the frozen fruit is zero points) and sometimes I’ll throw in a ½ cup of O.J. (2 points) and voila! I have this!

When I’m working long shifts I’ll blend in protein powder and leave out the O.J. (the protein powder…the one I use anyway is 1 or 2 points, it’s been a while since I’ve used it) and it will last the whole day. 

It cleans up like a dream, except for the occasional strawberry that wants to be a pain in the butt, then you just need to assemble the whole thing add in a little water and a drop or two of your dish detergent and blend it all up, then rinse.

For me, given the price (I got mine through QVC) I felt it was a steal.  It shreds ice in no time flat and can handle anything you want to blend up.  When going to write this, I noticed that they now offer regular blender options, which wasn’t available when I was making this purchase last year.  Should this one ever give up the ghost, I’ll be looking into one of those!

All of this yummyness and just FOUR points!!!

I hope that if you’re looking for a new smoothie maker/blender you find this review helpful!

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