Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So it's Wednesday...

So today is the OFFICIAL first weigh in being back to the ...*ahem* program.  I was trying not to look at this in a negative light.  It's so easy to do.  Especially when I've so far to go and all you can see is how big the number is at the end.  I always end up thinking of some or another comedian's joke who said:

"Yanno what a diet is? It's die with a *t* at the end of it."
 He/she says it very deadpan and it gets lots of yucks.  But sometimes, it's not easy when you've got what you see to be, as much weight to lose (to be honest, I may not have to lose a whole lot of weight to get healthy, but in my twisted and warped mind, I think I do) as I do.

So here I am, tiptoe-ing up on the scale, as if I could sneak up on it and hop on it to get a better number. lol I ate like I was supposed to all week.  I'm allotted on a daily basis 37 points (remember I'm doing Weight Watchers) and those points depending on what you eat can go by quickly or stretch on for miles. Then on top of those daily points I have 49 weekly *extra* points to do with what I will.  I can break those 49 points down so that I can have them daily or I can save them all up for one special occasion or I can just use them here and there.  As well, not to have this get even more confusing, lol, when you throw exercise into the mix that ADDS points to your 49 weekly points even!  Which is nice so you can have even more weekly points.  So if I went swimming for example and earned 3 points, I'd have a weekly total of 52 points.  Then if on Friday night wanted to go to happy hour with friends and have a beer and potato skins, I could because I have the extra points to do so.  Although, I have to say, I'd love the time with friends...I'd rather have the diet soda and have nachos instead, lol....and that's okay, I'd just need to account for it!

All that's to be said to kind of explain or refresh your memory (for those of you who've been following for a while) how all this works.  So last week, only 2 occasions did I use extra points for a total of 3 extra weekly points being used.  However! Most days, I'd venture a guess as to 5 of the 7, I didn't even hit the 37 points being used.

Hence, why I looked to today with some trepidation. 

And I'm happy to say cheerleaders that I'm a big fat loser!!!

I'm down to 252!!! For a total lost this week of five pounds!  YAY!


  1. Looooooser!! Suebee xo

  2. So proud.....Keep it up....When it is cold and proud you are staying the ya...Fran