Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lessons learned this week...

  • As a welcomed surprised, one day this week past, I discovered that I had a number of points left at the end of the day (6, when you have 37 for the day and you've 6 left, that's almost enough for a meal and you dole those points about sparingly, that's quite a bit!) I was shocked! As well, I did find that I wasn't hungry neither!  I know I need to be careful of this because it can cause me to not lose weight as well.  Weight Watchers says it can be a failing oddly enough.  When you don't utilize all your points it sets you up to not burn all your fuel so to speak, hence your body wants to hold onto all that you eat.  There for you won't use it for fuel and lose weight.  *sigh*  Figures doesn't it?  I have to eat when I'm not hungry so that I can lose weight? lol woe is me!
  • Weight Watchers counts EVERYTHING in the way of activity.  So  if you spent 20 minutes vacuuming the house, count it!  Same goes for any other household cleaning, especially if you're working up a sweat.  I keep forgetting to keep track of my time.  I need to do better about that.  Especially since I'm not as of yet exercising to the level that I want to be.  Don't worry cheerleaders, I'm getting there. 
  • I finally got to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead that my friend (+ Sarah  Hernandez) great documentary.  I know I've mentioned it.  It was so good that it bears mentioning again.  If you have Amazon Prime or Netflix, by all means, watch it.  You'll be glad you did!
  • I started a new medication this week.  It's messing with my appetite something terrible.  I'm not feeling the urge to eat.  Which you may find that odd and rather a good thing.  Yeah, I would too under normal circumstances.  Yet, being an insulin dependent diabetic, I HAVE to eat or else it gets ugly...FAST.  So I'm forced to eat a little bit of something.  The rub is what?  So oddly enough THIS week, I'm finding I'm going OVER my points on a daily basis.  Nothing terrible, just a few points here and there.  Nothing more so far than 5 points, but that was in one day and it was due to the fact that we had pizza for dinner.  Yes we had pizza.  You can have pizza.  Ohhhh it was so good!  Another yummy from of all places Aldi's.  I'll do a review sometime (provided I can get a picture of it before it gets eaten first, lol) for you.
  • I think that this new medication is going to be a huge help and make a vast improvement over the quality of things in my life.  At least I hope so.  We'll see.  I'll keep you  up to date.

So, so far, into my second week, I'd have to say, it was a raging success and I'm so far thrilled with the result.  I'm still steadfast in my resolve in that in order to see results you need to keep track of what you're doing.  Not just in what you're eating but in everything else.  That way you can track progress in all aspects of your life. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by Cheerleaders.  It's always much appreciated.  Till next time!

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