Friday, September 9, 2011

Blasting in my ears right now...

This song was featured in an episode of of NCIS (a favorite show of mine) and I loved it so (the song, obviously I love the show, lol) I managed to find out more about the song.  I love the song because of it's beat and groove.  When I found out the story behind it, it touched me even more so.  Lyrics to follow.


 Then to keep it moving a bit old school with a bit of fun is a bit of MC Hammer...

Now as for the first on the play list... Bella Bellissima...

It was shown on NCIS and it was in Hebrew, the groove is smooth and the song is hypnotic.  Personally I love songs that tell a story.  That have a history to them.  It is after all how many cultures pass along their histories.  So it's of my opinion that songs like this are important.  After all if we don't learn from our history, we're doomed to repeat it.

Isn't that what I'm doing this blogging thing for?  So that I don't repeat the errors of my past?

This is a story worth educating children with

Tuesday, 12th May, 1992
A woman steps out of her house in Jerusalem
Normal standard day
nothing special like any other day
A load of kids in the streets –
there was a teachers’ strike
Same time exactly a revolting terrorist
Pulls out a kitchen knife
and with it stabs two innocent kids
Another mad cruel attack
Another nationalist attack

He sets off running
because a mob is in pursuit
And catches him after a few seconds
in the carpark
tens of people kicking him –
they want to close the score
I don’t judge them,
it’s an irrational event
It’s a flawed situation,
awful, revolting, unclear
But then turns up the woman
and alters the end of the story
because she straight off throws herself
on the terrorist andprotects with her body
the terrorist who is also a human
though without her body
would have ended up a corpse
"I don’t understand,
weren’t you afraid
with that madman beneath you
and the mob so close?
"Wouldn’t it have been easier
to get up and leave?"
She replied to the journalist
that she didn’t have time to think.
She replied to the journalist
that she didn’t have time to think.

Bella bellissima...

That incident with the woman
is engraved in my head
Where did she get the strength to lie there
without moving, without fear
I ask myself what I would have done in her place
If at the same moment I had been in the area
It’s clear to me
that I wouldn’t have gone over to boot him
But to be fair and to tell the truth
I don’t think I would have been capable
of behaving like her
Much more typical for me to get up and run away
Or at the most to try
to find a policeman or something
But she lay there until her strength waned
20 minutes she took all those kicks
Her kids watched and didn’t stop crying.

Bella Bellissima…...

This lady did not turn into a symbol
And in effect her name
has been erased from consciousness.
There is no stamp with her face
Perhaps because Israel is not yet ready
and is not willing
To bring to its breast a hero
whose heroism is not war-like, a hero
whose heroism is not military, a hero
whose heroism is just moral
a hero who is a woman, and a haredit at that.

Know this, dear woman, that I did not forget
The story of your heroism I promised to myself
That this story is worth educating children with
It’s a story that is worth
educating children with

Bella Bellissima...

The song was featured on NCIS Season Five Episode 3 "Ex-File" Buy Hadag Nachash CDs

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Translation adapted from an original listing on the Jewish Agency' website

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