Thursday, September 15, 2011

Something new...

Something new I'd like to bring to you as I'm wandering this path of trying to eat healthier and lose weight.

As we all have our weakness when losing weight, we need to learn how to work around them.  For some of us it's sweets, others it's carbs, yet for others it's salt.  For me, depending on what time of the month it is *ahem* it could end up being a mixture of all of the previously mentioned.

So my goal in all of this is to try different products that are advertised and break them down for you and share with you my personal take on the product.  How it'll fit in with the food plan I'm  utilizing (Weight Watchers Points Plus) and different break downs from there.

Today's Product

Temptations by Jell-O
Strawberry Cheesecake

After having seen the commercials for these desserts, I'd been stalking my local grocers rather impatiently waiting to have a taste.  I just had to try it!!  Considering they are advertising them all to be at or below 150 calories per serving (a serving is a cup/container) and Strawberry Cheesecake once input into my WWPP calculator spat back out to me that it was 4 points.

Hmmm...4 points.  I can live with that.  That's a snack I could do before I go to bed even.  Since my last sugar crash I try to have a modest snack (5 points or less) so that I don't have any further issues.  Between that and the doctor lowering my insulin, my morning insulin has been on average now about 100 - 105 which is pretty darn near perfect!  I will be taking it!  As a matter of fact my last A1C was 6.7 which I can't ask for better.  So truly, if the weight isn't dropping like I like, my labs and sugar levels are coming in line exactly where I need it to be and that is just as important if not more so.

After all this is about getting healthy and staying sane. 

Getting back to staying sane...

This Strawberry Cheesecake to. die. for!  It doesn't have that thick creamy guilty I'm going to pay for this stick to the roof of your mouth texture that normal cling to your hips cheesecake has, this is more fluffy, the strawberry topping keeping it thick and gooey.  I will say it is not sugar free, I believe what keeps it from being so high in fat is that it is made with skim milk (see list of ingredients). 

All I can say is this, if you are looking for a low calorie snack or a dessert substitute that doesn't feel like a substitute, that has a nice mouth feel so that you won't feel like you're missing out  on anything and like you're "dieting" I can honestly say, give this a try, it's well worth it.  As a matter of fact, it's going to be nice to work my way through the different selections to see which I like best to take with me to holiday dinners.  (Yes, I'm one of those people who likes to plan ahead.)

Oh yeah, before I forget, the commercial that influenced the decision to try this product.

Just be sure to read over the label to ensure it doesn't interfere with any allergies you may have.

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  1. The sugar-free cookies and the Jello Temptations sound really good, but I'm betting there aren't any left. If that's true, that would be you looking out my weight loss attempt at your own expense. Thank you for taking the bullet for me.