Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Review...

This Week's Product
(It's new at least to me)

As is usually the case, at least for me, when I find something I like, I stick with it.  Which then leads to a rut.  Which I find usually leads me to a slowing down of my weight loss.  So I thought I would mix things up a bit when it comes to my morning routine.  

One day last week I went to pick up The Wonder One from work and we stopped off at the local bread store to pick up a few things, as we were wandering about (more accurate to say, as I was wandering about, as I'd not been there in years....he can get in and out of there in less than 60 seconds, lol), I noticed this cereal sitting on the shelf and with the cold weather fast approaching, it sounded like it might be good for a change.

Now to say this first and foremost, anyone who knows me, knows I do not, repeat, do NOT eat breakfast.  Let alone cereal.  So this is groundbreaking.  Or breaking new ground for me, either way, as it would be, I think it was the apples and cinnamon that really caught my eye.  

Damn my eyes!

I say that because they were blinded to the big red banner that said FLAX SEED!!  Uhhhh yeah.  It's not pretty.  I do have to say, I am one of those people that eats food based on texture, so if it's got a wonky texture, I am so not in it.  I will have to give it another try, maybe put in a bit of milk to thin it out a bit, because if you let it sit for any longer than a nano second, then you have your mortar to repairing your retaining wall in your basement.  You'll never have to fear about any flooding in your basement again!  My first bowl full I could only eat half of it.  It just got to hard to eat the other half.  Not that I didn't want to.  Well, I didn't, but it was because I was afraid I'd chip a tooth.

So my lesson learned is to eat fast, not to dilly dally while eating and do NOT let this stuff cool off in the slightest, to do so is to surely bring peril upon a molar.  Maybe I'll add a dash of milk next time.  And a packet of Equal?  Didn't have much flavor to speak of either.  Smelled good out of the bag, but not when the spoon was coming to your mouth.

There is something to be said for nose and tastebud appeal.

For those with nut allergies and you still want to give this a whirl, because it is good for you in the heart healthy sense.  I'm afraid it's got every possible nut in it.  It is an all natural product (probably why it has the issues it does and why I'm not used to it, hey! My first all natural product!  YaY! I did eat half of it at least, so that's saying something!) So I would say stay away from it at all costs.

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