Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Wednesday...

This week past wasn't in my opinion a good one.

"Why Chubby Butt?"  You may be wondering.  Well, I'm here to tell you.

There is a bit of self loathing going on.  Mainly from the fact that I found and fell in love with Voortman's Sugar Free cookies!  Oh Em Gee!!!  They are so very yummy, but I had to come to the realization that just because they are sugar free does NOT mean they are calorie free. The two that made me the happiest are the Sugar Free Peanut Butter Wafer and the Sugar Free Fudgydelicious Wafer.  They are quite yummy.  Satisfied my sweet tooth.  Perhaps too well.  Hmmm...

So, this week, I didn't have a loss.


I didn't have a gain either!

So this is a good thing.

Hey, we'll take it where we can get it.


So........onto learning our lesson for this week and living and learning and forgiving and moving forward.

Here's to new beginnings and the new week!

Hugs and toodles!

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