Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Wednesday...

So last week when I went to the doctor's office I realized just how pitiful my scale at home was and just how inadequate it was in meeting my needs in checking my weight. 

How you may be wondering?

Well, at the doctor's office, their scale HAS to be accurate because that scale is used in gathering important health information on dozens of patients on a daily basis and it has to be accurate, so the doc maintains it however often he does I'm sure, or else HE would be lax in his job as my health care provider.  Given that I trust him and have for decades now with the  healthcare of not just me but the Wonder One, I'll just take it for granted that he's doing his job and maintaining his equipment, or else we'd have be having a discussion of a very different nature I'm certain.

My scale just is pitiful.  Period.  When I weighed in to see what it said, it said I weighed the same.  Yet when I went over to the doc's office, his scale said I'd lost 2 pounds!  So, I'm going to be going with the doc's scales from now on.  I got permission and they are okay with it.  Personally, I think it's their way of keeping an eye on me and seeing how I'm doing, lol, sneaky little buggers.

So as it stands, according to the doc's scale I am a big fat loser!  257.5 just a tenth of a pound from where I need to be to hit 10 percent of my body fat lost in total!  Which means I'm down a total from last week 6 pounds!!  But I'm not sure how much of it is switching from one scale to the other or actual weight loss.  I know given what I weighed last week according to the docs scale and what I weigh this week, it's a good thing and I'm making progress.  I'm very excited by it all and look forward to next week and see what it brings.  Given that the emotional turmoil of last week and the Wonder One will be back from vacation tomorrow night (YaY!), I'll no longer be wandering around the house feeling so lonesome. 

Those two things combined make for a miserable feeling...


  1. WOO! I always thought my Doctor's scale weighed me about 10 pounds heavier :p

    Great job loser! lol So happy for you!

  2. I think this is the first time I don't mind being called a loser! lol

    Thanks so much, this has been so hard fought and won. It truly isn't about the numbers that the scale reflects but when they are smaller, it is always something of a moral victory.