Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back in the pool...

So today was lesson number two...

Very exciting indeed!

The swim instructor is so cute, very encouraging and forthcoming with advice and very sympathetic to my situation with regards to my shoulder (or lack there of a shoulder)...I'd explained how I wanted to learn more swimming skills so that I could utilize them to rehab my shoulders and regain some range of motion in them.  She having had some shoulder issues herself understood and really worked to show me strokes that would benefit me while not causing me undue stress to the area.

So this week I ended up swimming 100 yards (25 more than last week!) and learned 2 more strokes in addition to reviewing my breaststroke from last week!

So all told so far I've learned and/or done:
  • Breaststroke with whip kick
  • Backstroke
  • Sidestroke
  • Scissorkick
  • Improved by 25 yards
YaY  me!

So a few things I noticed while at the pool.  Off to the side is a "baby" pool that is used to teach babies and toddlers how to swim.  There is a young man who brings his baby (maybe she's 12-14 months old, just learning to walk) and it was so cute watching him.  He had her hooded towel on her head (a character one of a duck) and her pacifier in HIS mouth and she was griping his fingers and he was walking her off to get dried off.  Too cute!  One of those things that make you go "Awwww" and think "How sweet."  Then there was another participant (most everyone else being a woman) and I have to point out here that everyone else in the class is dressed appropriately in their swimsuits (read that to be 1 piece's), yet I have to wonder how many mom's really go to their child's swim class in a bikini?  I dunno, color me a wee bit jealous that I can't wear one? Or seriously, in a class of 20 mom's is there always going to be the one that will dress like this to stand out?  At least she had the body for it.  Oh and before anyone asks and if you've made the connection....yes the guy with the little girl....he was there alone and yes he was good looking.  So is there a correlation between the bikini wearing mom and the good looking dad?  Who knows?  I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I notice anything develop, lol.


  1. Wow...that is so great...Keep it up...Queenie..

  2. I'm so proud of you. I thought it would take them a while to show you how to do the strokes; I was amazed that at the first lesson you were already putting it all together and swimming. Now you're working on distance