Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Review...

Tasty Thursday review for you today cheerleaders.  This isn't one of those health food types of reviews, but if you wanted it to be, I suppose it could be.  I'll explain.

But first, let's take a look at what we're taste testing.

 These are thick and dense and as the name states.....CHEWY!   A lot of times what I will do is have one of these bars for breakfast with a piece of fruit and it's enough to get my stomach to stop all that grumbly in the tumbly stuff.  As well I'll shove one in my bag on the way out the door so if and when I can't get away for lunch I'll drink my bottle of water and eat this!  Doesn't ever EVER replace lunch, however it does get me through until I can eat a good and proper lunch.  Given that it's only 4 Weight Watcher points (whatever they're calling it this year) I think that's a pretty good deal!  It's not a huge bar, but it's big enough and chewy enough that you feel like you're getting something to eat.  I like them, I'd like to try some of the other flavors that the company offers.  I know when Fiber One (cereal) first came out there was a comic that made the joke "Fiber One ~ 20% more fiber than rope!"  Which as you can see by the label above it does have 9 grams of fiber.  Which is fantastic!  Our daily fiber intake is recommended at 25 grams to 30 grams and with the American diet being as processed as it is, one bar probably exceeds the average Americans intake to be honest.  So when I saw that this one little bar has that much fiber in it, I was sufficiently impressed!  So when The Wonder One and I finish off this supply, we're off to find some other flavors, it's worth the repurchase.

**Note to those with allergies:  It is made with peanut, milk, soy, almond, sunflower and wheat.  If you are sensitive to any of these ingredients or their byproducts, I'm sorry but this is another product, you'll have to skip.**

I promise, I'm on the look out for a product that I can review that is tasty and program friendly and allergen friendly for one and all, when I find it, I promise I will sound the alarms!

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