Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Progress Pic

So in today's pic I'm wearing the new jeans I bought that were 4 count 'em FOUR sizes smaller than when I started this journey!  WooHoo!

As it is, Queenie said tonight that I should've gotten the smaller size I tried on that made me look like a badly packaged sausage (with an overly large muffin top) ......but I couldn't bring myself to make the purchase because of the fact that I would've felt so self conscience in them.  Yet Queenie grabbed the waistband of these jeans and asked me "What were you thinking?!".....primarily because the waistband was so doggone big, lol.  So as it stands, I think I may take my second pair of jeans back (it was a buy one get one 1/2 off) and get the smaller size which will make it 5 sizes down and a chance to have something to lose more weight and feel comfortable in when I do.  We'll see.  What do you think Cheerleaders?


  1. that's awesome!! you look wonnerful!! <3

  2. Hello everyone, you should have seen those jeans way to big...I don't believe that smaller pair would make her look that way...I need to go with you the next time.....Fran...Queenie

  3. you look gorgeous!!! i admire your dedication!!! you go girl!!! xoxo!!

  4. GIRL! You are SMOKIN' HOT!! Keep up the good work..