Saturday, February 4, 2012

Well consider it done...

As his Valentine's Day/Anniversary gift to me (yes we got married on Valentine's Day) The Wonder One signed me up for swimming lessons.  On Valentine's Day no less! lol So my New Years' resolution (you can read about that here) will actually be met this year.  YaY me! .......and thanks goes to The Wonder One for getting me my lessons of course.

So my first lesson is at 11am  Valentine's Day.

I'm not certain whether to be filled with excitement...or dread.

Now I just need to beat the tarantula down to a manageable size. 


  1. Awesome....Let me know how it goes...Fran

  2. Nothing to be afraid of (I know, easy to say). Just approach it like it's a water aerobics class, you've done those before. They won't have you do anything you're not ready for.