Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Wednesday...

Well yesterday was Fat Tuesday...

Is there any coincidence that I gained weight this week? lol

Thankfully it was only a singular pound (but still a pound no less) to the pound!
Even though I'm not Catholic and don't really follow the teachings of Lent it was brought to my attention by a wise man in a conversation yesterday this philosophy [sic]
"Lent is for the sufference of Christ and all Christians should follow lent and not just the Catholics although they are the most faithful for the suffering of Christ... [****] I'm giving up red meat,pork and most sweets ( I gotta have my chewing gum)... Oh yeah and hard liquor..." 
 I had to say....that made sense.  Even though I consider myself a Christian, I don't lean towards any one particular religion.  I'm of the opinion that organized religion (now this is to me of course) doesn't make sense because each religion you come across says "obey this religion or else".  How can this be?  How can it be that you only follow one religion or else?  Why not believe in God and it works out?  *sighs*  Well I have faith and I listen to my heart and pray that it does and hope in the end.

I guess I look at dieting in much the same way.  All the diets say the same thing.  If you don't eat this particular diet you won't lose weight, but in the end, if you use common sense, put your fork down, move a little more...

Have a little faith (in yourself and the above)'ll all work out in the end.

It has to.


Also....The Wonder One and I while never before having given anything up for lent before (really, I mean I had as a child but when I found out that it was a "Catholic thing" I thought it was disrespectful on my part to do so since I wasn't, so I stopped.  But since the wise man pointed out what the point of Lent was for Christians in general, I thought to myself  "Self...this is something you could and should do"  So The Wonder One and I talked about it and we're giving up ......... <insert drum roll>  pastries!  That should be painful enough.  I mean Lent is about suffering right? lol  Not to mention it'll help with points counting (there won't be any!) and weight loss (should be loads!) we'll see....

*I've not gotten permission to use the participants names from the conversation, that's why it's been bleeped out.  It was a fun and interesting conversation btw.

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