Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Review...

Normally you'll find Thursday's reviews centered around tasty treats that make your meal (or snack) planning a little easier.  Well this week will be a wee bit different.

What brings this to mind is my swim lesson on Tuesday.  When The Wonder One and I were making our plans for afterwards I had to do a bit of planning for myself and part of that was of a personal nature.  You see, we were planning on going out to lunch and a movie after swimming so I needed to pack light.  I didn't want to have to pack a suitcase and all my gear as though I'd be packing for a weekend getaway.  Then I'd remembered a while back I'd picked up this ...

I took my shower and all that but not having to bring my deodorant (one less thing to worry about) was, needless to say, a blessing.

And yes, it really is waterproof!  I was skeptical but I went with it figuring that if it didn't work where we would be, we were near a Target and if need be, I could always pick up a personal item or two if it was needed.  Thankfully it wasn't!

I am happy to say (oddly enough) that while my skin reeked of chlorine, my bits didn't reek at all, lol.  For me, it really did work.  I didn't notice a particular fragrance to this particular selection.  I did notice that my underarm skin wasn't wet when I got out of the pool like the rest of my skin was. I highly recommend checking this one out.  While I do have to warn you that the price will put you into sticker shock because it IS expensive. Considering that normally you can pick up regular Secret for maybe $2 to $3 a container, this is about $10 to $12 depending on where you get it.  However, look in the discount/discontinue bin, that's where I found mine.  Doesn't mean it's being discontinued, but maybe that particular fragrance is or the packaging is.   Worth a look anyway.  Regardless, it really IS worth it in my humble opinion even at double the price.

Thanks for stopping by cheerleaders.

Till next time.


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