Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Wednesday...

So it's the dreaded weigh in day...

I knew it was going to be dreaded because as I was explaining to Queenie when she was starting Weight Watchers, she asked "How often do I have to keep track of what I eat?" I replied "Every time you open your gob".

After losing twelve pounds in two weeks, this past week there was some drama that had unfolded and it took us out into a situation that we weren't expecting and we had to go and eat and we were unable to track our food intake.  So I tried to make wiser choices.  Ate half of what I got and took the other half home (ate it the next day for lunch), shared an appetizer with The Wonder One instead of eating a whole one (which I used to do easily) and just drank my diet soda, getting teased by the bartender that "I was going to pee the bed that night"!  I told him "Depends"  he laughed at my play on words and went on to serve others.  As well there was some drama at work which put me into my uncomfortable zone of not knowing how to handle some situations and put me right back into that mindspace where I revert to my two best know the boys...Ben?  Jerry? 

So between the dramas and not getting to do the working out that I know I should have, there was some blow back.  So there was something to be learned this week.  What is it you may be wondering?  Well, what I learned in this week is that I needed to heed the advice that I gave Queenie and if I can't track it every time I opened my gob, then I don't eat it, that way I won't gain the 4 pounds that I did.  Granted, it was only four, and in the grand scheme of things, easily enough to come back off, however after having two good weeks, I was truly hoping for a third good one.  I've finally figured out that I truly HAVE to track everything because when I don't I'm just not going to meet my goals.

So I just got a wee bit too cocky with myself.  I can't take my eye off that ball (scale) for a second!

Help me cheerleaders!  lol Got to get in line to kick my butt to keep me on track!


  1. I know you will stay on track..Proud of you...Queenie....