Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another battle

There's a community on Facebook (yeah I know the great time suck of the 21st century) that I've become involved with where the members (well most of them) I've come to feel a kinship with.  A lot of these people I feel are brothers and sisters who really get me.  None of them have ever made me feel different or god forbid, inferior, for being what am, which is, fat.  Oddly enough I feel like for many of these individuals if I were to ever actually meet these people and see them eye to eye, I'd see myself reflected back.

All for the love of make-up.  lol, Yeah, you read that right.  Oddly enough.  I know it may sound strange to you, but consider this...what is your hobby?  Well, ours isn't toy models, beanie babies (although at one time I did collect them, lol) or some such, for this collective group, we collect and yap about make-up.  A variety will blog about it, others do videos on YouTube, some do both.  I don't do either, I just show up, throw in my two pence, act goofy and at the end of the day try to add perspective and try to be goofy and have some fun with it all.  But then again, I try to do that with everything.  That's just me.  The goofy one.

Recently while talking to a friend, I made mention the strange behavior of one of the individuals of our group.  Someone who I had felt the need to put on ignore because she posts snarky, often hateful/hurtful comments about others then (so it would seem) lets the drama unfold (or lets the poopoo splat against the wall as it were) then when others would come to say "Hey, that's not right. This is a drama free zone, you shouldn't do that" she gets defensive and/or snarky (for those of you who don't know what snarky means...snarky = bitchy) and then she'll delete her posting.  I'm of the opinion you either do one of two things.  You either ball up to your original post and stand behind it and deal with the fall out as it were, or you just don't post at all.  As my grammy always said...(say it with me class) "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" So my friend to whom I was talking to, says "maybe she was having a bad day..." that sort of thing, so I give this individual the benefit of the doubt and take her off of ignore.  BIG mistake.

So all that's said to say, this particular person made her typical snark n' dash post.  When another person, myself and several others posted saying, first off that the originator of the page wanted a drama free zone, maybe it was best to start a page of her own so that she could have a place to snark about what she wanted to snark about and others put in their two pence, then voila her post disappeared.  Surprised?  Me neither *shaking head* In my original statement to the individual on her posting, I stated that it was because of her types of snark n' dash comments that I put her on ignore, but because I thought maybe she was having a bad day I'd give her the benefit of the doubt I took her off of ignore, because I consider myself a fair person.

Reasonable?  Apparently not.  I get a snark-o-gram in my inbox.

What the hell?  Was I not just trying to be reasonable and explained my position and why I did what I did and didn't I just ask for this person to stop being snarky?  So what do they do but to bring it to my front doorstep?  I once was described as a double stuffed Oreo cookie by an ex-boyfriend.  I looked at him like he was nuts.  He said "Yeah, because your hard as hell on the outside, but on the inside, your a big ole softie!"

While using food to be compared to isn't exactly my idea of a good idea, given how hard I'm  working to lose weight, but I got where he was coming from.  While it rubbed me sideways that she had the gall to send me the snark-o-gram, I decided it was just best to withdraw from the community in general.  She's just as big a part of the community as I am, if not more so because she does YouTube and what not and has her following.  I don't want to put anyone in the middle.  This isn't junior high (although based on her behavior, you'd never guess it.) and I won't expect anyone to take sides, nor would I want to.

This is more about explaining why I've done what I've done.

Once I can do what I need to do to protect myself from snark, I'll be back.

Don't worry.

**UPDATE**   lol I truly do love these people.  After having some time offline, I sign back on to find that I've been inundated with messages asking what's happened and what not and things won't be the same and that I have to come back and so on and so forth.  Whether it's through human nature to stare at the car accident as you drive by (being nosy) or you're truly concerned (you want to check to see if anyone is hurt so you can give first aid), these are a great bunch of people, whatever the reason they've asked.  I'm not going to doubt their sincerity.  So I deleted my goodbye post and am treading lightly for the time being.

Just because.

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