Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beyond frustrated...

With having lost the weight that I have and making the necessary adjustments that I have to my insulin that I have, the one thing that I wasn't expecting this past week was a gain.  Especially a significant gain like I got.

A 9 pound gain.

Pick your chin up.

I know I had to.

I was stunned too.

This has been a week that has put the Wonder One to the test that's for certain.  Twice my sugar has bottomed out on me.  Once I had to go to the Emergency Room because of it.  No, they didn't do anything for me except feed me.  Asshats.  I'm not so much amused with them at the moment.  The normally stellar service that they normally provide just wasn't there.  That's a rant for another day. 

Today it's about that 9 pound reversal.

The past few weeks I've been weak, not feeling well, haven't been able to get to the gym and just all around feeling blah.  The Wonder One and Queenie (one of my biggest cheerleaders by far) are both in agreement, that it's most likely water weight.  I go next week to follow up with the doc regarding taking the water pills he had me on.  But holy cow (no pun intended there) NINE pounds worth of water weight?! 

Both Queenie and the Wonder One assure me not to worry, I'll get back to the gym soon enough.  I'm still eating according to plan, just not working out like I want.  Once I get to doing that, it'll all jive soon enough.

I'm just so tired.

And sick, and sick of being sick and tired.

I thought that was what doing all this was about?  And now to put back on a third of what I've taken off?

Very discouraging indeed.


  1. Aww that is very discouraging. But I have to agree that 9 pounds in one week probably has a a lot to do with water weight. Keep that chin up and don't stress too much. I would't be surprised if you're down 10+ on the next weigh in!

  2. From your lips to the weigh in Gods ear new momma! That's all I can pray for! That and to know what's going on so that I don't have such fluctuations and to stop having so much in the way of water weight. You know when I first started this in the beginning I expected water weight to come off and that it would become more and more difficult to lose weight as I settled into a routine of working out and losing weight. But this insanity is for the birds! I'll admit that there are times where I want to give up, but like I've said before, there are so many more victories than just a lowered number on the scale that keeps me going forward. The whole getting off the insulin is such a motivating factor it's not even funny. Losing weight isn't about how I look it's so much more about being healthy. Right now I just want to FEEL it :/