Monday, August 22, 2011

While taking a leap forward...

As you can guess and have heard, after all, it's been on the news, being so overweight has its drawbacks.  As a matter of fact can you seriously think of a benefit to being overweight?  Not just overweight, but obese?  Yeah, me neither.

Matter of fact, what it will cost you to be over weight I've found out is poor health.  So much so you, or in my case, I have ended up hospitalized.  A higher cost of living as evidenced with multiple prescriptions to name a few:  Lantus (insulin), Actos, Glucophage I could go on, however these three drugs are the ones directly related to the one disease I am personally intimately dealing with on a daily basis and that is Diabetes.

Diabetes, in case you didn't know it, can take your vision, your circulation, your limbs and for you men out there, your willies.  Yeah, it can kill your libido.  In addition to having diabetes, you run the risk of having hypertension when you have diabetes.  That affects your kidneys and your heart.

Pretty much your life as you know it.

Sucks don't it?

Sounds like a good reason to get off your ass doesn't it?

Sounds like an even better reason to move it if you have a family with these issues.

These things do run in families.  Look at your parents.  Look at their parents.  Now look in a mirror.

I wish I had done it years ago.

I'm just glad that I finally did.

My doctor had me on my highest dose ever of my insulin.  80 units a day.  Granted it was split up over the course of the day.  Prior dosages weren't working, so for some reason doing a loading dose at night and then a sustaining dose during the day seemed to be working well to bring my sugar levels under control.

However, now that I'm getting close to 10% of my body weight being gone, which the professionals will tell you is all you need to do to bring these life changing diseases under control, my sugars are starting to drop on me.  So much more so that my insulin has been decreased!  YaY me!

This is probably just as good of news to me as seeing the scale move if you want the truth.  So instead of 80 units a day it's 70, and that's a pretty good number.

For now.

I'll be happy when the doctor tells me I won't need any.


  1. I'm also looking forward to the day you no longer need insulin. It's great that losing weight has more benefits than just seeing smaller numbers on the scale. Just stick with it and the weight loss will keep happening. Get back to the gym, and it will happen even faster. I'm proud of you.

  2. Thank you so much for all that you do. There truly aren't words enough to thank you in all the ways that you take care of me. I just hope that I never find them all. You truly are the best. I love you.