Thursday, August 18, 2011

I did what?

I'm very proud of myself.  Sort of.

I'll tell you why.

I know you're wondering....(just in case you aren't, I'm going to tell you anyway)...I thought I'd have some coffee today.

What's the big deal in that you say?

Well, I've cut wayyyyyyyy down in my soda consumption.  I've talked about that here.  It wasn't so much my soda consumption per se that I personally had an issue with (well, beyond the cost of course), but the fact that I was looking at the chemicals of the artificial sweeteners.  Because I've found for me personally that artificial sweeteners have a tendency to stimulate my sweet tooth.  When I don't drink so much diet soda, I don't eat so much in the way of sweets.  But oh how I miss my caffeine.  So, I thought, I'd have a cuppa joe this morning to help me rev up my morning.

So, I toddle off to the computer to calculate what the latest addition to my breakfast is.

Now that I'm finally getting the scale to go down, my points on Weight Watchers are going down too. (dammit) So I'm at 37 points for the day.  Like the good Weight Watcher that I am, I calculated the points for my breakfast (seven) and then I calculated the points for my newest addition to coffee.  Bearing in mind that coffee is not something that I normally drink, I have to add creamer and sweetener to my coffee.  I know, I cut back on the soda (remember, it was diet soda!) to keep from injesting so much artificial sweetener, but I just can't drink coffee without all the extras.  I have to laugh when I think of this because my dad the Marine always used to say "If you have to add all that crap to good coffee, you don't like coffee!"  I like coffee!  I swear!!  Bear in mind though, he drank his black.  straight from the pot practically as it was brewing!


Good thing there is a seat belt on my chair!  I darn near fell out of my seat!  It was with a deep sigh that I clicked the mouse button and picked up my coffee to continue drinking.

5 points more out of 37 for a total of 12 for breakfast?!.

That's figuring in the 7 already.  My fingers are ticking off the points, one, two three....whaaaa...  So there's 25 remaining for lunch, dinner and a snack. Crap!  I don't like cutting it so close for meals for the day.  I feel like I'm getting cheated somewhere along the way if I go to high on points early in the day.

I better make sure this one cuppa joe counts.

This is one coffee I'm going to enjoy!


  1. Randy Kelsey-KnappAugust 18, 2011 at 9:46 PM

    Did you enjoy the coffee? Was it worth the 5 points? As much as I love chocolate milk, I still decided to cut it out because I didn't like using my points for it. I'd rather eat my points than drink them.

  2. I diiiiiiiiiiid enjoy it! *purring* it was SOOO good! Whether or not it was worth the 5 points? Yeah, it was, but it's not something I'll do every day. I'm finding that I really am not as reliant on caffeine as I once was. Seriously, as much as I've cut back on the soda, I've not gotten the nasty headaches that I've gotten before when I've cut soda out. So I'm thinking this is a mighty good thing!