Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Will my torment never end?!

Had a really bad day today, ended up being hateful and really REALLY pissed off, so I figured a good healthy way to deal with all that pent up anger and frustration would be to go to the gym and hammer it out on the treadmill.

This is me on the treadmill...

Only not so much running as it were but stomping it out to the B.E.P.'s, OutKast, Shakira, Sean Paul & Eminem.  Getting a good sweat up really helped to push out the toxic effects of all that hatefulness and anger I was feeling.

But then along up on the next treadmill beside me come little miss ragdoll thang.  Cute, perky, flinging her hair back over her shoulder, batting her eyelashes at herself in the mirror (and yes, she WAS in full make-up with silver...yes I said it..silver eyeshadow!) and cranks up her treadmill to 8 mph.  Yeah I had the nerve to cop an attitude when she starts running even faster and flailing her arms then every so often hangs onto the dashboard of the treadmill and then her legs start running out to the side.  Her sloppy form makes her look like Forrest Gumps' little sister, drunk on Jagermeister and Red Bull and about to tap another ball of crack!  All the while batting her eyes and flinging her hair!  I was getting dizzy for her just watching in the mirror.  All I could do was turn up the music and put my head down and pray to God she never loosened the grip that she had on the dashboard of the treadmill.  Yeah, with all the hair flipping and eyelash batting, I think she was making herself dizzy enough to fall down. 

Images of George Jetson flitted into my mind.........

No lesson learned today, just glad I got to the gym to work out and to work it out.  Feels good to get it done.  After last weeks good weigh in, I've had a decent week.  Tomorrow's weigh in I'm looking forward to and yet I'm not.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the scales say......but then again.......it IS the beginning of the month *ahem* so I'm not expecting any miracles here.  So we'll see what happens.

Hugs & Toodles


  1. There are girls like that at my gym, too. I'm not so comfortable with running on the treadmill, maybe a fast walk, but I too always try to have good form. When I was reading this post, I had this mental image of her flying off the back to the treadmill into the class walls of the dance studio at my gym and I laughed hysterically for five minutes. :)

  2. lol! That's awesome! If in fact she did fly off the back of the treadmill she'd rack herself on the equipment behind the treadmills in the "pit" of equipment. I spent way to much time trying to find a picture of some sort of a ragdoll blowing in the wind hanging on to something to demonstrate what she looked like, lol. What I've found so odd about this is that this is not the first time I've seen this clinging to the dashboard. I've seen other women who will crank up the speed and then up the incline to a crazy incline and then basically be hanging there in mid-air. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm utilizing this time on the treadmill as a means to an end. I plan on eventually running and then entering races because one day I'm going to run and I'm going to beat the wonder one in a foot race! lol