Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Wednesday...

This past week has truly been the week from hell.  Starting with last Wednesday and that freaking nine pound weight gain and the tizzy it sent me into.  Just the not knowing what caused it was rather traumatizing. 

So with as much GUSTO <insert jazz hands here> as I could muster I worked through this week.  Of course I stayed on plan because I was a big fat loser *cue music and fanfare* yet it somehow doesn't seem so exciting knowing that I was already here once before and it wasn't all that long ago.

Still, getting to lose 4.5 pounds, shedding half of that initial nine pound weight gain IS a nice way to start this week and a great way to start my re-boot.  I go to the doctor this afternoon to review if or why there would be a medical cause to what has been going on with my weight gain/sluggishness as of late.

As I explained before, with regard to the re-boot (hey if Hollywood can do it, so can I!) how that'll work is just a matter of looking at each meal as if it were my first one ever on Weight Watchers and planning my meals accordingly. Then going from there.  Hopefully it'll help me see where I can make some improvements and see where it is I wasn't seeing the weight loss like the Wonder One, who as of today has lost 48 pounds!  I'm so flippin' proud of him!  He looks awesome too (*drool* hubba hubba)

So this week is a week of new beginnings, so to speak, (re)begin Weight Watchers, begin the training for my 5k walk/run with the Darby one and a few other things on the horizon to be named at a later date as yet, not ready to mention.

Wish me luck!

Hugs & Toodles

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