Saturday, July 16, 2011

As the song goes...

Back in 1995 Alanis Morissette came out with a song titled Ironic. The funny thing is that not everything in the song speaks to ironies.  In pop culture, many people took note of this irony.

For my own reasons, as you will soon see, I made note of my own irony.

As you've noticed, I'm working on getting healthier, eating a better diet, exercising, etc.  Last night while at work, I reached into the freezer to grab my "lite" dinner entree to microwave and to what do my wandering eyes behold but my favorite American massed produced chocolate bar.

I sent this picture to the wonder one letting him know that I was hating life at the moment.  His reply?  "Take it and beat it about the freezer, then leave a note for the owner telling them you've licked one half of it but don't tell them which half.  That'll serve 'em right!  The bastards!!!"

I have to say, I agree.


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  1. That's an excellent idea! I'm going to do that next time. And 3 Musketeers is my favorite too! :)