Thursday, July 21, 2011

Climbing isn't as hard as it used to be...

After pouting for a better part of the day yesterday and going for my walk, I actually walked for the longest I had since I had tried half-heartedly attempted to lose weight before.  At 14 minutes, that was the longest time I'd walked in years barring any time spent at the mall.

So if you cast your mind back to earlier in the week when we first met the evil one, I found out that I actually had abdomen muscles!  As hard as it is for me to believe...stunned actually is the word I think I'm looking for, it really does get easier. 

I found today after having my half pound sulk session that sweating it out truly was what I needed to get my mind right.  I was no where near being happy about my gaining half a pound.  No one wants to see their efforts rewarded with a gain, so I spent 16 minutes today walking on the treadmill.  A new personal record (PR) and had my lower body workout.  As well, I climbed into the doohickey that worked out my abs from here to hell and back.  What got me all verklempt was that I was able to do my three sets of ten reps with no trouble and quickly.  I was rather emotional when I got down from the machine.  Excited that I was able to get the task at hand done, so now I need to look at how to challenge myself so that the next time it hurts just a wee bit. ;-)

That way I can continue to find my victories where ever they may be.

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