Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Color me surprised!

The Barbie One redeemed herself today. While at the gym working out yesterday on that one piece of equipment that I am undereducated for (remember, it takes a PhD to just MOUNT the thing let alone USE) the evil one recommended a different piece of equipment that quite honestly wasn't any better for my shoulder.  The evil one I swear is out to get me!

So today while the evil one was lurking in a dark corner of the gym somewhere plotting my demise; I grabbed Barbie and told her that the previous two machines were just about to do my head in (more accurately, my shoulder) was there ANY way she could help?

She actually pushed this big huge body builder off a machine (well, she did say "do you mind?" first lol) and showed me how to use it and it didn't require any upper body involvement at all!  Then to redeem herself even further, she showed me two more machines I could use!  I'm chuffed!  So now I can still work on my lower abs and not have to worry about my shoulder getting torn up in the process! 

Gotta love it when a plan comes together!

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