Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It was 12 weeks ago today that I joined Weight Watchers and dragged the wonder one and the barnacle along for the ride.  While I've always believed that the scale truly is the enemy and reflects failure at every turn, it's that love hate relationship that every obese person has with it that makes all the difference when the numbers go down.  Then up.

Isn't funny how when the numbers go down on the scale and up in our bank accounts we utilize that as a sign of success.  When the inverse is true, failure.  We at least have other measures for success in our efforts where weight loss is concerned.  I wish the same could be said for my bank account, lol.

So I'm sure you're wondering what the scale said this morning.  Well, I was for this week, a loser.  It's weird, the past few weeks have been a challenge.  Two weeks ago, I gained 2 pounds, then last week I gained another 2 pounds, but then this week, I lost 3.5 pounds, taking my total to 266.5.  Three weeks ago I had tried using a different scale then went back to the original scale and blah blah Weight Watchers sucks blah was all I could think.  Even though I was doing everything right meal wise, it was mental wise that I needed to do some work.  So yes, I did loose this week, but in the same vein...not so much.  Follow along.

That's where this blog came in, working out came along and your support comes into play.

Three months ago I was eating out of control, putting into my body whatever was around not considering the consequences.  Sitting on my butt either in front of the telly or the computer not doing a damn thing to better my physical self.  I never complained about my weight.  I resented myself and my weight, but I never verbalized it.  Every so often I would walk through the livingroom and see that the barnacle was watching a TV show like The Biggest Loser and then, she'll just sit there, bitching about her weight and how she'd be so much happier if she'd just lose some weight.  I don't know about you, but watching a show like that personally would shame me into turning off the TV and moving, not her buddy, she'll just sit there day in and day out.  That's how and why she got the nickname the barnacle.  Also, I don't watch that show, lol, I don't want to see myself in spandex, let alone other obese people in the same.  But back to the barnacle.  Yeah, it doesn't phase her that she can hardly move because she refuses to, or that she sucks wind just to go to the bathroom. That other people her age are running circles around her.  Then when comes meal time and the wonder one and I are getting our meals together, she doesn't want to bother to try to do this with us.  Like I said when this all started we were doing it together.  She lasted about a week.  It doesn't bother her to see that the wonder one has lost 38 pounds me almost 20.  Her own apathy for her own health and well being is just kinda sad.   I just don't want to end up like that.

So I'm wrestling one of my demons, I'm frustrated, this past month or so I've been following my meal plan to the letter and I've not been seeing the numbers come down.  That's why I hate the scale, because I truly don't think that it reflects your success.  It's times like now, when I'm so frustrated that in the past that I've given up, that I know that if I just stick with it and work through it and see the numbers change favorably that will be huge.  So this is where I'll really be needing some help from you this next week or two.

Stick with me, because in the end, it should be fun to see what ends up happening.





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